Stirrings (7 IMAGES)


Bleeding Heart

Creeping Phlox

Mini Grape Hyacinth




Since SO many of us are having miserable experiences with snow and ice and such right now, with great Intention I put together a post in hopes it would lift spirits.  So …..

On the 13th (2 days ago), one could find me in my gardens on my belly or knees with my camera.  I was astonished that despite this consistent cold we have been experiencing, my flowers have begun needless to say, to wake up.  I just looked in awe, not knowing how they are doing this in these not so friendly temperatures and weather.

Soon soon I softly hear.  Soon for what I ask?  Warmth and sun would really be nice!

I should be grateful for this “break” before pandemonium breaks out with me running trying but not succeeding, in capturing the absolute Beauty that just bursts forth from my gardens.  And also in every year, I warn you ahead of time that I don’t know how I am going to open my gardens and be here at the same time.  Yet every year I seem to somehow do the “impossible”.  Here I am every year running to get the glorious color in my gardens, opening my gardens up (very hard work!), and trying to publish posts.  Let’s see how I do this year! (wink)

Just enjoy what I was able to find, treasures to behold with Promises to come.  Keep in mind that what you just viewed are truly very tiny evidence of New Growth in my gardens.  Some are so tiny that no matter how steady I held my camera, the images did not come out clearly.  I do not have Image Stabilizer on my macro 100mm, which means to you non-photographers, if my hands are not rock solid, the picture will blur.  That and the wind I contend with, each and every picture is a study in perfection.

Do I applaud me for my endeavors?  You bet I do!  Just getting down on the cold ground and laying on it with a camera in my hands some would not do.  Have a great day, dear friends, despite the weather many of us are experiencing.  Hang in there!

MF Handheld Macro Photography/ “Stirrings”/ April 2018 ©AmyRose


31 thoughts on “Stirrings (7 IMAGES)

    1. As did I, dear friend. I have been hanging on by a mere thread because of this terrible spring that we have been having. Today we have ice covering everything. Now that would make for a fantastic pictures in the macro world but I am not willing to have my feet flying from out underneath of me and ending up with a broken back. No. So I just gaze at these lovely pictures that I took two days ago and be grateful for them. Much Love to you this day!

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    1. You are so welcome, Garfield. I was astonished to see the amount of growth that I did. I honestly don’t know how these flowers and plants are doing what they are in this frigid cold weather we are having. And I thank you for your lovely compliments. You have encouraged me today, dear friend. Much LOVE to you this day! 💖🌹💖


    1. Anne, you are ever so welcome! Together along with all the others that are struggling, we will make it through until the real Spring gets here. In the meantime I would suggest all of us as much as possible, what we really love to do. For example I love to read so my nose has been deep in books of late. Once I start the work on opening up my Gardens, I will not have time to read like I am now. You and I both know how much work a garden can be. Hang in there and much LOVE to you this day! 💖🌹💖

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  1. Great photos!!! I remember whenever I lived in the Midwest, after a long and seemingly never ending winter, I would always be searching for the first signs of line, the crocus. Now, of course, living in California, it isn’t quite so pressing to look for those signs of life, because we really never have that true winter.

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  2. Yeah Amy! Thanks for the amazing photos and a PROMISE of Spring!! So worth you getting down and dirty for!! and much appreciated! Looking forward to more beauty! Much love to you! Donna

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  3. Now they are very touching Amy, beautifully shot and a credit to Mother Nature to still do her magic through ice and snow to achieve what seems to be the unachievable. Mind you, you also did that by these shots, well done ❤ 😀

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  4. I love it. I need to get down on my belly, too 🙂 The best ones I saw yesterday were the lilacs at eye level though. Sprigs of green and not quite purple buds, tightly clenched like a fist!

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    1. Oh wow you are already getting lilac buds? Lucky you! If you had seen the post that I had published just today, Joey, you would totally understand how frustrated I am on account of the horrible weather we have been having here. I am so happy for you however, that you are getting some good weather. And yes you do get down on your belly… It’s amazing how you feel when you are that close to the Earth! Much Love to you this day! 💖🌹💖

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      1. Love to you, Amy. ❤ I will read your post later today. We were supposed to have snow overnight, but it didn't happen. It's not warm here, but it's not freezing right now, either.

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