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“Hubby, it is time for Rocky to go HOME.”

“NO!”  And so a huge fight ensued, with hubby insisting, bullying, persisting we take Rocky into our Vet because he hasn’t been in since March of last year.  His eyes of denial were on and he could not see how sick Rocky had become.  He insisted something might have changed in Rocky’s blood so we could “fix” him.

Hubby wore me down and finally I jumped up, slammed my fist on the countertop and said “Fine, we will take him.  God have mercy on you when you find out we are about to put Rocky through something very stressful unnecessarily!  This is on your head!”

The appointment was made for that evening.  I selected a very warm blanket and towel to carry Rocky in … no carrier would he be put in!  The only reason we were going was for Hubby’s sake, because he had to hear truth from our Vet.  And so the Miracle unfolded.

The entire way there, and waiting for almost one hour, then seeing the Vet, Rocky never became restless nor upset.  I sensed Angels all around him that put him into a state of Bliss.  This is not the norm for Rocky for he was a fighter all the way.  In my Heart as I listened to our Vet convince Hubby that my decision was correct, there was such awe that Rocky, not for one moment, was upset by this trip.

The euthanasia appointment was kept for the following morning.  I spoke to each of our cats telling them that evening, if they had anything else to say to Rocky, that this was the time to do so.  That night, Rocky kept going from my bed to Hubby’s bed saying goodbye.

When the time came for the Mercy Act, Rocky began to struggle and fight.  He, no matter how sick he was, or how sick he had been his entire 12-years of his existence on this planet, did not wish to leave his family.  That is how much Love this family has.  The in-home euthanasia Vet gave Rocky the first injection to settle him down, and even then he still fought.  Then the medication took effect and he finally relaxed.

As I held him in my arms, when my Heart guided me to, I sang my goodnight song one last time for Rocky that I sing to all my cats every night before I go to bed.  Another Miracle happened, one this Vet could not believe she witnessed.  Something happened that this woman has never seen.  As I sang, Rocky sang with me, something he should not have been able to do on account of how strong this medication is.  When my song finished, Rocky continued to talk, telling us how forever grateful he is to his Mommy and Daddy and how he knows just how much I sacrificed for him.

When he quieted down I repeatedly asked him if he had anything else to say. When I did not get any more responses, I said, “It is time.”  I looked at Hubby to confirm.  The second injection was given, and again because Rocky is such a fighter, it took a minute or so, and then I felt his body release his spirit.  I knew the moment he left for his entire body sagged, let go, and got heavy.

The Vet checked his heart when I told her he was gone. It was still beating very slowly.   According to “medicine” I was wrong about his spirit leaving while his Heart was still beating.  I strongly disagree. I know what I felt and what I knew. A few seconds later Rocky’s Heart became quiet.  Our Rocky, a fighter right to the very end, just did not want to leave his family, yet his little body just couldn’t go on anymore.  He had been so sick with so many problems right from kitten hood to his last days.

Rocky is no longer suffering and is finally freed of his sick body.

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Photography/ “Rocky”/ January 2018©AmyRose