The Return (3 IMAGES)

This past Monday I returned to one of my Sacred Forests for a hike.  On my feet were a pair of new alpaca wool socks, one of three pair.  The temps were in the 20’s and in previous experiences while hiking through snow, my feet always got cold and damp with sweat.  Not so that day.  What a glorious feeling having toasty warm, dry feet inside my boots!

I chose a trail that leads to the tornado destruction but I never did make it that far.  I honestly couldn’t tell you why I wanted this path except to hike to a certain place where I had plans to photograph a certain area.  I never did get that far either.  Hiking through snow slows one down, that, and I only have a small window of time and when that time is up, I must return home.

I managed to get some shots as I knew I would.  I also played around in Photoshop curious as to what “new” effects I could create with my pictures.  What you see here today is the result of my playing.  I used Black and White, HDR Toning with Monochromatic Contrast filters and HDR Toning.  Please enjoy my creations as you view a few images from Chestnut Ridge Park.


Photography/ “The Return”/ January 2018©AmyRose

Comments are closed.  I wrote this post before I knew the consequences today will bring.  Today our precious 12-year old Rocky, who has fought all his life with health conditions, is going to be reunited with his Soulmate, Karma, at the Rainbow Bridge.  I told a friend last evening, I am having trouble breathing and I don’t know how I’m going to do what I must do.  I am having extreme difficulty believing this is happening, again.

Just last Thursday we lost our precious Echo.  Slammed?  In shock?  Breaking?  Just making that “final decision” for the Mercy Walk (euthanization) is the most agonizing decision a pet parent can make, much less going through the process of living that decision and afterwards moving towards Acceptance and Peace.  Saying goodbye for Hubby and me is the same as saying goodbye to one of our children, which these precious cats are.  I don’t know when I will be able to get back here.  Just please keep my family and me in your Heart and Prayers.  May God bless you!

*The title of this post was written before I knew the circumstances regarding today.  Rocky is returning to Source today.*