Self-Empowerment (2 IMAGES)

56 thoughts on “Self-Empowerment (2 IMAGES)”

  1. Oh Amy, my heart is with you my friend, So sorry you have lost yet another beloved friend.. You have done all that you could have and more besides my friend.. Sending Love and Healing thoughts to mend your heart.. xxxx ❤

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  2. Recently I’ve begun to handle pain and heartache in a whole new way. You’ve touched on it in your poem. It used to be a thing to pine about. No more! Life is a lesson and I find the ups and downs are teaching the same thing: there’s a greater purpose beyond these, and each event is a directioneering event. Look for how these event lead you to a higher understanding and you will redirect this energy into fulfilling life’s purpose.

    Things come and things go in life, but never without purpose, and never to hold us down. Much the opposite it true. Each twist and turn is designed to take us a level higher. Trust the path.

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    1. I cannot thank you enough for really reading what I wrote because I too have come to the exact same conclusion. My life has been so jam-packed with losses and betrayals one on top of the other that it finally got me sitting back in quiet and asking questions. And my questions led me to the conclusion that these events are all for a purpose to bring me to a higher understanding of life itself. These events are forming me into a higher form of myself. I am giving myself 3 days to mourn this precious cat and then I pick myself up and I move forward knowing that I will have understanding of why this happened and with a conviction in my heart as well that I will be standing on a higher plane somehow, for new growth will be evident. These words were spoken out loud after reading a verse of the Tao last evening and the truth of these words touched me so deeply that I just had to write them down. And so I did and you read them. Bless you from the bottom of my Heart for understanding what I wrote. 👏💕👏

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  3. Hi Amy, I love your poem – incredibly powerful. It reminds me of something I just watched – the Manhunt series on Netflix on the Unibomber, Ted Kaczynski. (it’s an older series) His rage and pain built up and he set off bombs for release – like the unwise man in your poem. Ted had a great message for society but his capacity to manage his emotions was stunted and unbalanced. The wise man knows this – as you wrote – and transforms his violence into love and peace. It’s an incredibly powerful message. If anything, Echo’s life and death allowed for this creative message to be birthed from you! Thank you for that. Much love to you and your babies. xxx

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    1. Dearest friend, I have given myself 3 days to pull myself back together again and in that time span mourn for my precious baby. Your words brought fresh tears to my eyes and a shaking to my hands. These lessons that I have been given lately are excruciatingly difficult. I am determined that with the grace that has been given to me by the Almighty Source, this pain and this great loss are being transformed into a greater LOVE and a greater gift within my life, for not only myself but for all who are within my life. Bless you, Donna, for really understanding what I have written here. I have really turned Within to examine and to contemplate as I plan stepping once again forward with my life. I cannot express how deeply this precious cat will be missed yet with all things in life within this realm, nothing is permanent. Much LOVE to you this day. 💕🐾💕

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    1. When I finally returned to my Forests, Helen, which will be very shortly, you and everyone else who comes to my blog will see one of the ways I transform a broken Heart into Beauty and Truth. Yes, the Wise One is embracing me tightly. Much Love to you, dear friend. 💕🐾💕

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    1. I know how you feel, Dan. I can feel your Heart. I just thank God that this cold weather is finally breaking which will allow me to get out into my forests where I really need to be to deal with this heartbreak. Much Love to you. 💕🐾💕

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