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Friends, we have suffered another loss in our family.  Our precious Echo who has been so ill for so long went to Heaven yesterday, January 4th.  Our baby left this Earth with an over abundance of Love from us, much more then when he was born with.

Years ago his owners, even though he was deaf, kicked him and his two siblings out of the house.  He lived in the barn for years until he became so ill that we moved him into our garage.  My husband and I went above and beyond to help this cat and in fact there were more then a few times I quietly asked how Echo managed to stay alive.  It was our Love that kept him going, I was convinced of that.

He never did get the death pall in his eyes.  He did however, insist in this frigid cold weather to walk over to the barn, something he never does.  I knew right there he wanted to go to the barn to die.  That is when I made arrangements with an in-home euthanasia Veterinarian to come to our home.

Echo passed in my arms and as he did his gaze was on my husband’s face.  His passing was the most peaceful and Loving passing I have ever witnessed.  Devastated and unable to stop crying, while I stood in my kitchen, I quietly prayed to be given a sign that Echo made it to Heaven.

Not ten minutes later, my husband came into the house tears streaming down his face and told me as he was looking up at the cloudy sky, the clouds opened up and the sun shown.  He felt Echo and was overjoyed how “clean” he now is.  At that very moment a very big white bird flew towards our house, circled above our home then flew off into the distance.

I received my sign.  Our Echo is no longer suffering and is now whole and happy.  Oh God, he will be missed and as I write this my Heart is breaking.  Yet I know he is still with us and he will help hubby whenever he gets stumped on a job he is doing.  Both hubby and I knew in our Hearts Echo was a “special Angel”.

We Loved him so much!  Our Loss is Heaven’s Gain.  This image is of Echo laying in a beautiful basket to be transported by the Loving Veterinarian to the crematorium.  I cannot speak more highly of the gentle and Loving service we were given.

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Photography/ “Echo”/ January 2018©AmyRose