Winter Wonderland

Being that I have a bit of a packed schedule today, I warmly dressed and went outside at 7:30am this morning to takes pictures of the beauty the fallen snow has made.  Knowing that the winds are going to pick up later today (supposedly) I wanted to get images before the snow was blown off limbs and such.  As you can see, we did get a good bit of snow, and still more is forecasted.

I have several more images I would like to show today, but no promises I will get them up.  At least I have them ready for me over in PS to edit.  Hopefully, if all goes well, I’ll be able to get into one of my favorite forests tomorrow with my camera to continue to dazzle all of of you.  (smile)  I refuse to allow this white stuff to introduce Mr. Blue to me!

I hope all of you have a really good day!  Comments will be closed.  Please just enjoy this image and cross your fingers (and toes if you like) that I can put up the rest of the pictures I chose to show you.

Photography/ “Winter Wonderland”/ December 2017©AmyRose