Stand Tall Or Fall Hard

The way I see things is this.  You can either stand tall or fall hard.  Of course there is always that perpetual white fence you can sit on.  But besides that, it’s either standing tall or falling hard.

I’ve been hit a lot harsher then I’ve let on but most of you do know about my tremendous losses I suffered.  Now that the shock has worn off and the endless tears have stopped, now comes the time I’ve stepped into.  A choice of whether to stand tall or fall hard.

Many of you who I’ve come to know, already know what I am about to say.  Oh yes I choose to stand tall.  Some days it is so hard, almost impossible, and tempted am I to surrender to sad.

In the breaking and the crushing and the sword-sharp ripping tearing pain, my world as I knew it disappeared.  The strong woman I had become disappeared along with that world and in her place was someone who could barely function, someone I did not recognize.  The woman Hubby depended on to keep everything together … gone.  A shell of who I once was shook before him which shook him to his Soul.

The return on standing tall has been amazing and if you had told me months ago what that return would have been, I’d say you were delusional.  When I fell and broke into a disastrous mess, Hubby saw and in the seeing stepped up to the plate.

What began as small steps now today are big ones all resulting with ease and Peace and an openness we lacked before my Mom died.  In the quake that hit (loosing Tee after Mom and my best friend before Mom) was exactly what was needed for Hubby to see no, I am not Superwoman after all.

He began to make decisions, good ones.  What started as the biggest nightmare of my life has turned out to be the biggest Gift I have ever received in this marriage.

And it all really began shaping up when I decided to stand tall instead of falling hard.  Hubby saw the heroic effort it took me to shake depression and tears to embrace Happy.

You may not see the Change you work so hard for and you may many times give up and want to throw the dish towel in.  For more then 20 years I have attempted to encourage Hubby to live life and to be Happy.  Seeing today this Change in him and how he is taking responsibility for his life, brings such Great Joy to my Heart.

In the breaking, and then the decision to choose Happy even with a broken Heart, something finally sank in, to get Hubby’s attention.  I just couldn’t help but brag a bit to share with you my newfound Happy.  Oh for the JOY that was brought forth from the hardest time in my life!  Don’t give up, friends!  Grab your Intention and don’t let go no matter how rough your ride gets.

Heaven is blooming right now in our Home and within my Heart.  Dreams really do come true!  Keep an open mind because just like me your Dream may come in a truly unexpected way.  (smile)

Photography/ “Stand Tall Or Fall Hard”/ November 2017©AmyRose


53 thoughts on “Stand Tall Or Fall Hard

  1. Amy, such deeply moving words. I feel that amazing gratitude and awe you are in that what you have always believed in has finally come true. it needed a breakdown to awaken and now what has been lying dormant for decades is blossoming. I am very happy for you.
    I believe that whatever we are facing and whatever we experience when choosing Happy we are making it better through it and faster. People like being together with those who choose Happy which will always keep happiness by their sides 💖

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    1. Erika, if you had told me months ago that this today would be happening, I would not believe you. I am stunned, honestly stunned, that it took me breaking completely and then with my decision to choose Happy that my husband “woke up and smelled the coffee”. There was one more incident I will be talking about that added to this drama. Without knowing it, a disaster and huge hurt turned into a Great Blessing that flavored this victory. I have so much to be Grateful for, and I am so Blessed that my dog-headedness refused to let go of the bone … my husband. I always “saw” the real man and I never gave up (well sometimes I did) to believe and KNOW someday that man would wake up. Wow. I mean, pinch me! Here my greatest Sorrow has led to one of my Greatest Blessings in my life. My Mom would be so happy for me. She not once judged my husband yet she listened when I was in tears. How great LIFE is, dear friend. Too many of us give up too soon and thereby cheat ourselves of our own Blessings. I never saw this coming. How true the saying is that every choice has ramifications. Just wow!!! (((HUGS))) 👏🏼👏🏼💞💝👏🏼

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      1. I am really happy to see your happiness. Such moments are impossible to describe… I mean the feelings and emotion that are experienced. I am glad you stuck to what you believed in, Amy!! Huge hugs to you, my dearest friend 💖

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  2. And the courage it takes Amy, for the both of you, is the making of you both. It takes that trial to find the real you buried in those fears that dogged your lives what seemed like forever, and once released a new and open heart can see everything so differently 😀
    Take a bow kind lady, that is no walk in the park, more like one of your jungle treks for pictures 😀 ❤

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    1. Aw, Linda, thank you! I so agree with you about God working in mysterious ways. I am so Blessed to have such Beauty coming from out of one of the darkest, if not the darkest, time of my life. Many Blessings to you!! ☺️

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  3. ooh Amy I exactly exactly know what you are saying …it is like you speak my mind and familiar place of being. This is such a miraculous journey. I always say I asked for the gifts, just the wrappings were not of my preference. Power to the resilience, endurance, intention and choice to keep going!

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    1. I seriously do not know what will unfold in my life and whenever the Divine Gifts do arrive, they never cease to amaze me. I am so grateful and so in awe of the glorious thing we call life is. And oh yes there is a lot of “action” on my part. I don’t receive by just sitting and doing nothing. Of course you know this too! 🤗

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