Beauty Bound (3 IMAGES)



Red Japanese Maple

Here is a bit of Beauty found right in my own gardens.  I went macro hunting yesterday and even though I just about froze, I found “magic”.  That shot of the Clematis buds waiting for Spring are about the size of a pinhead.  As in super small.  I almost missed seeing them until I peered very closely.  Aren’t they amazing?

I just wanted you to enjoy Beauty still found in my gardens.  I have many more images I shot so you may or may not get to see more.  I never really know what is coming next so I’ve learned not to nail anything in stone.  I’m in the Flow and it feels good.

Have a good day, y’all.  It’s supposed to be getting warmer today and tomorrow so you probably can figure out where I’ll be.  Not indoors, that is for sure!!

Can you feel my Heart in these images?  And so my Love knows no bounds …

Macro MF Photography Handheld/ “Beauty Bound”/ November 2017©AmyRose

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