Oh my goodness!
The Holidays are once again
upon us.
How did this happen?
Didn’t Christmas just
happen like yesterday?

There is so much stress related to this time of year it isn’t even funny.  This madness that begins at Thanksgiving is how shall I put it?  Gee, I believe I’ve said it.  Madness.

So let us all intend this year not to rush, not to stress, not to nearly kill ourselves but instead to take each day as it comes, making sure we breathe, having faith that when Christmas does arrive, all will be done for which we planned.

Somehow the meaning of Christmas gets lost which to me is just so sad.  Oh yes receiving gifts is so exciting I agree!  My last Christmas was my best, one that I will never forget.  My Mom sent me the biggest box and in it wrapped with care from recycled Christmas paper of Christmases past, (smile), she gave me things that belonged to her which today I have proudly displayed where I can see them everyday.

This Christmas will be hard on me, I won’t lie.  Thanksgiving was hard and I did shed a few tears yes.  But I made it through.  I hold tightly the heart pendant I wear on a chain, feeling my Mom’s thumbprint and knowing she is right here with me.  I’ve rubbed that thumbprint so much already I’ll probably have to get a new one come next Christmas.

May all of us remember the true meaning of Christmas which is Love.  I challenge each of you to do something different this year to represent the meaning of Christmas.  Spread Love.  Do something for someone who may be down on his or her luck for example.  Smile and greet those around you with good cheer.  I’m sure you can come up with something to do or say or perhaps give that in turn will make you glow with Joy.

For I tell you the secret I’ve known for years.  Giving to someone who receives with deep appreciation is the best Gift for you to receive in return.  I’m going to make this Christmas special.  I hope you do as well.

Photography/ “Holidays”/ November 2017©AmyRose


51 thoughts on “Holidays

    1. I have stepped away from gift-giving, Irene. I do however get my husband a special something. Last year it was a very warm sweatshirt which today has become one of his favorite articles of clothing. I too intend to be kind to all who cross my path every single day not just Christmas. May you have a beautiful day today and you and your daughter-in-law will be close to my heart all day long as I pray for the best outcome. Good luck, GRANDMA! 💕👣💕

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  1. We have decided not to give gifts this year, but I think I will still do stockings for everyone – even the puppies and perhaps the turtle as well. People seem to get so mean and stressed out at this time of year, and the funny thing is, it is stress they bring upon themselves. I agree, everyone should just calm down, drink some hot chocolate, and enjoy being with one another. And be kind ALL year!

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    1. I say good for you on your decision! Many years we have stepped away from major gift giving, only giving one or two special gifts to immediate Loves. I gave hubby a sweatshirt last year that has become one of his favorite pieces of clothing. I refuse to get caught up in the mania and chaos this season tends to bring. Family and Love is what is important. Not who can give the best and most expensive gifts. Nah. You have cheered my Heart immensely. You are the second person who has commented who has chosen no more crazy gift giving. YAY!!! (((HUGS))) Amy 💝

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    1. Aw, Nico! Thank you! I actually had written two posts that were not “positive” but I did get the words up and out, a kind of journaling. Coming back after such a great shock is far from easy but I’m determined to incorporate positive things in my life to assist my Heart to maintain Love and Joy. Everything boils down to a “choice”. Peace to you this day, dear friend. 🕊

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    1. Oh, Dan! Thank you! I’ve chosen an upbeat attitude to enjoy the Holidays with instead of tears. Yet if tears do come I won’t hold them back. My Mom loved Christmas. As with other things I am doing, I am honoring her and choose Happy! 🤗

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    1. I know this year has flown by and am flabbergasted that the “big” Holidays are here again. Thanksgiving for me was really nice. So sorry to hear yours was stressful. I have every intention of having a fun-filled and Peaceful Christmas this year. I am choosing to smile instead of cry. Big HUGS back to you, Holly! 💝

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  2. Short and sweet poem that speaks the truth, Amy. Happy Thanksgiving, and happy holidays. Good on you for putting on a brave face and being positive through the challenges you faced this year. What’s in the past is past, but the good memories will live on within us and within our hearts – they are never really gone forever like how you have your Mum’s thumbprint with you everywhere now ❤ Agree with you that so many of us get lost in the meaning of Christmas and really just the stress and rushing around of the season. Sometimes some of us are just so focused on getting things right this time of the year. Things are never perfect and the least we can do is be a little nicer to each other.

    We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, but it's always worthwhile to be thankful for what we've been given and what we've got. Wishing you a peaceful holiday season and lots of hearts and hugs your way ❤

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    1. Happy Holidays to you, Mabel. I saw a little while ago how sad I’ve become and how whenever I wrote it was from a negative slant. I’m taking my own advice and that is choosing happy even if my heart is sad. The longer I simmer in sad the harder it is for me to get out of it. Getting going was the toughest so I added things to my schedule to help me out which I continue to do today. My goal is to stay in Happy and Calm. I have refused to get involved in Christmas madness for years now and only will get hubby one maybe two gifts. And he does the same with me. Oh yes Christmas can be fun and I love the decorations but having as many 4-footed ones around, we cannot decorate. I’ve gotten used to it over the years and it no longer bothers me as it once did. What counts for me is Peace and Love. My last Christmas will remain with me for the rest of my life. My Mom did not usually send a huge box filled with gifts of things she owned but she did last year. It was as though she “knew” she would not be here this Christmas. I have her special things on display so that I can look at them each day. Thank you for your wishes and I do wish you the very same!!! 💝🎄💝


      1. We’re all entitled to feel sad, and sometimes we just feel sad. Your negative slant on writing sounded like a time where you had to express that sadness, and express you did and now that sad is no longer simmering as much within you. Onwards with focusing on the positive things, and I do wish you nothing but peace this time of the year. It never is about the gifts but the company and the feelings within. Sending you love and hugs ❤

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  3. It becomes stressful AR because we continue to try and live the lie we have all been living. Someone made up rules and we are expected to follow. Follow your heart. Unplug! Why should Christmas be all about doing something because it is expected of us? Are we afraid of hurting people’s feelings? Do our feelings matter? The best Christmas gift of all would be if everyone shared their love if only for just one day and dropped all the consumer driven insanity. I unplug and it is so much more enjoyable that way. It forces out rituals that truly matter that add depth and meaning to the day which in turn makes us feel more connected and that we matter. Stay calm and stay at peace within AR..
    Hugs to you…VK ❤

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    1. VK, I have unplugged for years now for Christmas. The most “stressful” thing I do is going around in the freezing cold with my camera and tripod to photograph the lights on houses. In our home we don’t do what others do but what we wish to do. Christmas is not about consumerism. It is about Love as is every other day in the year as well. Christmas can be fun with the decorations and the Christmas carols. If we get into the spirit of Christmas it is so full of Joy when we give to someone in need, for example. Hubby and I exchange one maybe two gifts and that is all. I am staying calm and peaceful, which I am choosing to do. And yes it is a choice because this Christmas is the first without my Mom but darn it she would want Happy for me so I am doing Happy! Big HUGS back to you!! 💝

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  4. Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year, and I won’t even think about Christmas until I have wrung every last morsel of goodness out of it 🙂
    Hope yours was lovely AND that you manage Christmas as well as it can be managed

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    1. I’ve seen Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving was even here. What kind of nonsense is that? I’m with you! I savor Thanksgiving making sure I enjoy all of it BEFORE I move on to the next Holiday. I really did have a good Thanksgiving this year, thank you! I’ve made up my mind already to have a good Christmas … no ands ifs or buts about it! ☺️


  5. Holidays can be hard when we lose a loved one. I know, I’ve been there. But your solution is beautiful…giving service. It’s the best antidote to sadness I can think of (other than just crying sometimes). My religion is even focusing on that with a program called Light the World ( It’s beautiful to see all the good people do. May your holiday be filled with peace, love and gentleness. ❤

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    1. Melissa, I honestly don’t see where you read about service in my post. This post was all about choosing Happy even if and when you are still grieving for a Loved One. Yes I do much service that I do yet I do not speak about that much. May your Holiday by filled with Peace, Love and Gentleness as well! 🤗

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      1. It was just this comment “May all of us remember the true meaning of Christmas which is Love. I challenge each of you to do something different this year to represent the meaning of Christmas. Spread Love. Do something for someone who may be down on his or her luck for example.”

        I see love and service as the same thing I guess. 🙂 Hugs

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      2. Ohhhhh, now I get it, Melissa. I’m still in a bit of a haze since my Mom died, and I wrote this post so deep in the Zone that I honestly had forgotten that part of the post. Thank YOU for rewording my words back to me … reading them the way I just did was a powerful experience for me. Yes, I so agree with you. Love and service are one and the same. Bless you, dear one. I am moved by what just transpired here. (((HUGS))) Amy 💞

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    1. Rita, what a beautiful idea about giving less. I’m already doing that and I will check out the charities you listed. Most of us do not realize how fortunate we are and how much we have to be thankful for. This more and better at Christmas is crazy. My hubby and I have gotten back to the basics …. LOVE. You are so welcome about my post. We both are on the same wavelength and that is good!! Happy Holidays! 💝

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