Color Great

I shot 196 frames
just today alone
amongst Color Great
in the Forest I Love so much
until my eyes became blurred.
I also met a woman
who stopped to say hello
amidst the Glory all around
and in our talk
we shared a common thread
how both of us are broken
and how this Forest
our sanity saves.
We smiled as we spoke
Compassion deep in our eyes
we touched and we shared
two woman battered by life
coming to a Forest
to seek the One
who takes troubles away.
I told her about the site
from whence I bought my 
pendant heart upon which
my Mom’s thumbprint lays.
And saying thank you so much
 she put the site in her phone
because her dear friend
you see
is dying now
and this woman thinks
how nice it would be  
for this woman’s children
to have a thumbprint as well.
So as I walked among the Colors
this fine October day
shooting to my Heart’s content
 I stumbled upon another
whose purpose was the same 
as mine …
to immerse herself in Color Great
to take her troubles away

MF Macro Photography/ “Color Great”/ October 2017©AmyRose

Image taken at Chestnut Ridge Park, NY today.