The Artist (Image + Video)

I’ve had several requests to show my cats.  So with that in mind, and the fact that I now have a precious video of Tee that I would not have had if I had not taken the time to do it, I am now in the process of getting videos of my cats.  That means, if I remember to do so, keeping my phone on my person at all times.  I don’t ever know what to expect in this house.  Ever.

The video is of Cuddles who takes after Mommy.  He’s an artist and loves to express himself by tearing up paper with his teeth and leaving behind a Masterpiece.  I thought he was doing this because he was having fun but a closer look at some frames shows real sadness in his eyes.  I honestly did not realize he was close to Tee until after the fact.  Cuddles it seems is one of our cats that is taking his death really hard.  He is exhibiting his problem medical condition and his left eye now has  a sore under it.  Poor baby!

When I realized how hard Cuddles is taking Tee’s death, I’ve been focused on giving this baby lots of TLC until I see smiles in his eyes again.  I’m not saying the TLC will stop by no means.  No.  I’m just doing more for him now to help him mend his broken Heart.

Please don’t mind the tinfoil on the tile backing you are about to see.  In this house we have repairs or things needing to be replaced all over the place.  Hubby and I are only two people who have learned the wellbeing of our “kids” comes first above and beyond repairs.  We are only able to do so much!  And with this most grievous phase in our lives with so much pain, there is so much we both have gotten behind on.  Oh well … those repairs and “other stuff” I’m sure will still be there when we get to them.

Please enjoy watching Cuddles as he creates his Masterpiece.  And don’t mind me hiccuping.  Yep, you’ll hear that too amongst my giggles.  Thank God for my babies who keep the magic of laughter alive even when I have a broken Heart.  Yes, even despite a broken Heart, I still have not lost my giggles, at least when I’m with my kids.

I had just sat down to eat dinner when I saw Cuddles on the countertop (I can hear those gasps of horror!! Ya don’t fool me.  Cats on the counter??? Yep!).  I had just swallowed a big bite of my hamburger and with the indigestion I’ve had lately, I managed to hiccup.  Hey what can I say?  I’m only being me.

So enjoy this!  Here is Cuddles aka Mr. Security because of his size yet a very talented artist as well.  We all can take a lesson from Cuddles in that we need to express ourselves in any way that is ours to express.

Photography/ “The Artist”/ October 2017©AmyRose


34 thoughts on “The Artist (Image + Video)

  1. Good morning Amy 🙂 ❤ That was a really nice way to start my morning. 🙂 Thank you! He is a beautiful cat. ❤ I don't know what it is about cats and paper. One of my sister's cats was obsessed with paper. I don't remember him chewing the paper like Cuddles. He would sit on it and scrunch it up, though. I am allergic to cats so I have to admire them from a distance. My sister has shared her space with four cats during her adult life. The current cat Molly is orange with white strips. She likes to patrol the perimeter of my sister's place and engage in imaginary cat fights. Never a dull moment! Unless she is taking one of her frequent naps. 🙂 Cuddles looks like a sweetheart with a mind of his own and a creative spirit. 🙂 I hope your are feeling a little stronger this morning and your day goes alright. It is the month when the birds migrate through this area. I was watching Pelicans flying over the river yesterday. They are amazingly graceful as they glide and soar. They flap their wings to gain altitude and then drift on the air currents. I put my imagination up there with them and try to see the world as they see it. Love, blessings and hugs for you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Sarah, can you imagine what it is like in this house with 11 cats? Like I said I do not ever know what is going to happen. Cuddles is beautiful and thank you for saying so. Every single one of my cat this unique and very very special in my heart and because I look Through The Eyes Of Love I only see beauty. I am really glad you enjoyed this video because you are one of the people who requested that I start doing this. Today is a beautifully sunny and warm October day one in which I am going to enjoy as much as possible. I am in the process of fall cleaning to keep myself busy so my mind does not go to places that I prefer it not to go to right now. One more time has passed that I can think upon certain things but not right now. So to answer your question I am doing the best I know how to do. Sometimes some days are better than others. I hope you are having a wonderful day today dear friend.

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      1. I would imagine 11 cats means chaos, fun and amusement. 🙂 I am looking forward to meeting the other cats and hearing about their unique personalities. ❤ Cleaning is a good way to use your recovery time. Then, when you feel better, your home will be sparkling as well. I am happy you have nice weather to keep you company. Sunshine is inspiring. I was thinking yesterday while walking in the park in the early morning sunshine how lucky I was to be outside on such a gorgeous day. I said a big Thank You For Such A Beautiful Day! out loud. There wasn't anyone around except the birds. 🙂 Even thinking about it now gives my energy a boost. Today, it is raining and I am working on a post about Monarch butterflies. I love butterflies and especially the Monarchs. There has been something of a drought here this year so the rain is needed. In a couple of days, the sun will be out and I will be as well looking for more birds and other interesting things. Good luck with the rest of your day. Love, hugs and blessings for you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I thought it would be a nice change to have a little bit of lightness on my blog so I am really happy that you enjoyed this, Dan. If it wasn’t for my cats I would not be laughing. I have so much to be thankful for. Much Love to you today. 💕🐾💕

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    1. Loosing one of our cats recently is making me realize how precious the time we do have with our “babies” so yes I am now taking the time to make more videos than I normally do. I’m glad you enjoyed this. And I am truly sorry for your loss. I of anyone, know that pain only too well. (((HUGS))) Amy💞🐾💞

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