Shock Thrice

Dearest friends, again yes again, OH how I ask for prayer from you.  Please.  Please help me.  I don’t know how to put myself together again.  This has just gone too far with three major deaths in less then two months span.

My precious Tee who you see here on Saturday the 23rd, the same day as my Mother’s Memorial Service, came over to me when I took a break from my gardening.  He Loved on me like he has never done before.  Hubby in seeing the Miracle unfolding, ran to grab his camera and took this image.  There a lot more pictures as this Long Moment seemed to stretch for Eternity.  I was in Heaven!

Sunday late afternoon, Tee went missing.  I started shouting his name on Monday and Monday early evening I spotted Tee.  Very hurt.  Immediately I scooped him up gently and carefully ran lightly so as not to jostle Tee.  We rushed to an emergency Vet Clinic and was told what I already knew.  Tee was too hurt to put back together again.  I knew when I had gently examined him in my garage before we took him in.  What my fingers told me was disastrous.  Within 15 minutes from that moment, Tee went into shock from internal bleeding.

At 8:45 on September 25, 2017, Tee went to Paradise.  I felt his last breath on my face as my tears dripped onto his face.  This precious cat appeared from out of nowhere in 2012 when we think someone just dropped him off at the barn and left.  From that time to only a few weeks ago, I finally got Tee to trust me completely.  And now he’s gone.  We don’t know what happened but I am guessing that the horse next door somehow stepped on Tee’s right hind leg which was completely crushed, and tail and hind quarters.

Friends, if I don’t pull myself together I won’t be able to come back here.  I must pull myself together because of all the others that depend on me.  And now with Tee gone Hubby and I must help Echo and Jersey, the two remaining outside cats to adjust.  Echo, who is deaf, looked upon Tee as his Protector. Everything is critical right now as this family unit again reel from another huge tragedy.  My focus cannot be here at all yet I reach out to you to pray for me, send me Love and your thoughts, as I desperately fight to remain sane and to continue to keep this Love Sanctuary going.

With Much Gratitude and Love,

P.S.  You better believe I am questioning God and WHY WHY WHY those who I Love so much 1,2,3 gone.  And just how strong does He think I am???????

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