Mom’s Memorial Today

[Picture of a black and white photo of my Mom on her wedding day, walking down the isle with her Dad. The year was 1956.]

Today is my Mother’s Memorial Service.  There are no words adequate enough to tell you how much I miss my Mom.  It’s doubly hard for me because my Life Choices do not allow me the opportunity to leave my home for even one day to attend the Service today.  My Life Choices require commitment.  So in my own way, as I go about my day, I remember my Mom.

Below is an audio of a poem and some personal words of my own that my youngest brother will be playing at the Memorial Service today. The poem was written by Wendell A. Brown, a fellow blogger.  He wrote this poem when two of his children died so yes, these words are priceless.  This man’s Heart is so big he shared that poem with me when he heard about my Mom’s demise.  Wendell, again there are no words to tell you how deeply honored I am that you shared your precious poem with me.  Know that many today will hear it.

While reciting this poem aloud, I changed some words which assisted me to keep the right rhythm going.  Below the original words written by Wendell I have included and there you will see my changes were very minor.  If any of you are having difficulties playing the audio on your computer or laptop, it will play on your cellphone.  Friends, the effort to play this audio will be worth it, I promise you.  Don’t forget a Kleenex.  The Love for my Mom is evident within my voice as I recite Wendell’s poem.

All of the support and Love I have received here through WP have gotten me through many difficult days.  I am throwing myself into very physical work by conditioning my garden soils with horse manure.  I’m not sure where I’m not sore as of this writing, yet the earth, the plants and the hard Labor of Love are keeping me sane and actually relieving my Heart pain.

Comments will remain closed.  I am not ready yet to return to blogging.

So Much Love to you,


Whenever I see the butterflies flying
I am reminded of your smiling face

As I see them taking wing into the sky
I feel emotions which are never displaced

For in, my heart also live the butterflies
As they come to life deep within me each day

While I count the different memories of you
Which in my thoughts and dreams daily stay

The brightness of their many vibrant colors
Produce a vivid rainbow deep in my mind

Which fills my heart with an unwavering joy
Allowing me to enjoy them for an endless time

The butterflies will be my deepest treasure
Leaving me never again in life feeling the same

As the peace, they bring to me can’t be measured
For imprinted on their wings Mom is your name.

Written by Wendell A. Brown