Thank You (4 IMAGES)

DDedicated to YOU!

Even though my Heart does weep

the Presence of Friends I do have

greatly brings comfort to my Soul

as I say farewell to my Mom

Thank you to all of you for holding my hand during this extremely difficult time in my life.

MF Macro Photography Handheld/ “Thank you”/August 2017©AmyRose

These Roses live in the middle of my backyard and they are so brilliant they actually look as though they would glow in the dark.  The day that I photographed them, the light was perfect to make their colors pop.  I did minimal editing with these Roses and yes these are the actual color to which I set out to capture.

It’s as though Mother (Nature) Herself formed a Brilliant Beacon of Love to reassure me Love never dies and soon I shall be with my Mom again.  Honestly, I’ve never seen these Roses so bright as they are right now.  I just cannot take my eyes off of them.  They are truly Magnificently Breathtaking!

My Mom is rapidly declining.  Doctors claimed she had about 6 months left to live a few weeks ago, to only then 2 weeks later saying, my Mom had less then 2 weeks to live.  It’s been a very shocking, rocky road.  No matter how much I prepare for this, I just will not be ready when I get the next news, news that I am expecting at any moment now.  Though I haven’t been able to interact here much, your comments have meant the world to me.  Again, thank you!

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