So, What IS The Problem? (2 IMAGES)

The other day a plumber came over to check a “problem” hubby has been obsessing over for years and lately, to the point of distraction extreme.  This plumber was a mature man, I’d say in his late 50’s.  He came across as very calm and reassuring as he patiently listened to hubby’s long litany regarding this “problem”.

The discussion and the interaction began in our backyard because hubby thought our vent was plugged.  What he wanted was for this plumber to climb up on our roof to rule out the possibility that leaves were the cause of this “problem”.  Smart man that this plumber was, he first wanted to check the bathroom where the “problem” originates.

Now, a word to the wise.  When hubby starts an marathon-monologue outpouring about a pressing issue, the man doesn’t come up for air.  He just goes on and on and on leaving the poor listener in a somewhat dazed state.  I took pity upon this plumber and decided it’s time for Amy Intervention.  So, walking quietly to the Master Bathroom, up the stairs I went to where these two men were now standing.  Sure enough, hubby was doing all the mind-numbing-rambling talking.  Here we finally have a Master Plumber to figure out the “problem” and hubby as per usual is hogging the conversation.

*sigh* 😬

Within seconds I understood where my sorry-ass-spouse hubby was in his story as  I gently joined the conversation.  Immediately the plumber made solid eye contact with me with much gratitude and between the two of us, we convinced hubby that the “problem” only existed in his obsessive overactive worrisome mind.  At first my stubborn spouse hubby resisted and argued but this plumber stood his ground and so did I.  Finally he was convinced there was no problem in existence.

As the three of us were heading for the door when all was said and done, this plumber commented on what a beautiful home we have and told us to enjoy it.  I gave hubby a “I told you” look, the look that said, “Did you HEAR what this man said?”  Why?  Because hubby is always seeing the glass half empty, focusing on what is not perfect in this house, what still needs repairs, and bemoaning that if it were not for our cats this house would not be “trashed”.

O-O-O-O-O do not get me going!  Trashed my ass foot!  Our house is very lived in, thank you very much!  And the Love we have?  Wouldn’t trade that for anything!

Thank goodness this plumber understood hubby.  He has a neighbor who is very very good with everything he does in making his home beautiful yet he still obsesses on what could go wrong, or what still needs to be done.  Hubby in spades … the man imagines problems when there are none. 😬

In his own words,  “Life is too short to worry so enjoy what you have now.”  Smart man.  The plumber.  Not hubby.  And I couldn’t agree with him more.

So please don’t waste your life looking for problems where there are none.  See reality for what it is and separate what is a figment of your imagination from What Is.  Life is too damned short to worry, especially on what doesn’t even really exist.  What will worry get you?  Not much except for ulcers and dissatisfaction with just about everything in life.

Enjoy life.  It was meant to be enjoyed!

This exceptional man was so nice he refused payment of any kind.  What does that tell you?

MF Macro Photography Handheld/ “So, What IS The Problem?”/
August 2017©AmyRose



54 thoughts on “So, What IS The Problem? (2 IMAGES)

  1. Beautiful man Amy…he was an angel that assisted you in guiding hubby on his journey to ‘his’ truth. Hubby just needed a little assistance to ‘see’ and become a little closer to the unconditional love within his own heart ❤
    Now that you have both shared your hearts with him, you will smile within a little brighter because you 'know' that what you have done, is from that place within your heart that you already have found ❤
    So my angel…great photo's as well…what other magic do you have 😀 ❤

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    1. Mark, as you can see by the way I wrote this post it does get a little old and frustrating dealing with what I do on a daily basis. I also agree with you that this man was an angel because within the conversation I found out he owns a 20 horse farm. Anyone who works full-time and has that kind of responsibility in his life is in my opinion, an Angel. And as for my magic? Stick around! You’ll find out soon enough… Much Love to you! 💕🌹💕

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      1. Absolutely! We need to distance and look at the so called problem from a distance. Mostly it also helps that we realize that we are not the problem and can detach from it right through the distanced view onto it. 💖💖

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    1. So happy you enjoyed reading this, Donna. If I published more stories from my life you honestly would not believe it. Thank goodness this incredible man came to our house to deal with my husband. Bless him! Much Love to you this day. 💖🌹💖

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  2. Hello beautiful!! I was rip roaring laughing…sorry 🙂 You have such a wonderful way with words. Okay…here’s where it gets real…I have found myself around a few extra NEGATIVE people lately…AND IT JUST ABOUT DRIVES ME NUTS!!! So I GET IT!!!
    I think it becomes more and more obvious the more we move our own energy to the positive and the beautiful and the faithful and creating!
    Much empathy!! ❤ ❤

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    1. I was laughing out loud when I read your comment! Oh my gosh! Someone really laughed over this because they get it! Oh yes oh yes… It gets really old dealing with what you and I are dealing with. I am so glad I gave you a rip-roaring belly laugh today. I needed one too! Thank you very much, Lorrie! Much Love to you! 😂😂😂

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      1. The amazing part, Amy, is if I am not COMPLETELY AWARE…I can find myself going down into that rabbit hole with them!! iT AMAZES me that their energy doesn’t rise as easily as mine can lower.
        Blessitude ❤

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  3. An excellent illustration of how important it is to have a positive mindset. There are probably countless people who would LOVE to live in your home or have even one cat to care for. It’s best to appreciate every bit of it. I agree.

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    1. I Love my home, Joey, and all that goes with it. I see beauty every single day of my life. My husband on the other hand is a perfectionist and whenever things are not absolutely perfect he just goes nuts. He’s only hurting himself as you and I both know and unfortunately he really does not see the beauty that he is right smack in the middle of. Much Love to you today. 💖🌹💖

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    1. I agree, John, this plumber was one in a million! We have done business with this company before and their work is outstanding. Finally someone in this world who still believes in quality… What do you know? If we don’t learn how to enjoy what we have now before we know it our life will be over and we will be filled with regrets. Much Love to you today. 💖🌹💖


    1. I’m a half full glass full kinda gal, Dan. There are so many areas of my life that I could just bite my nails over, so a long time ago I chose to look at the bright and beautiful side. Truthfully I’ve walked away from a lot of dysfunctional patterns by letting go (without a way out) my “safety measures” I used to do as my survivor mechanisms coming from an abusive childhood. Wow, honestly didn’t see that coming … more on that after my Mom passes. Don’t get me wrong … I’ve come to Love her as she is. I don’t expect her to live much beyond a few days. I’ve focused on humor today to counter the heavy …. Much Love to you! 💖

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  4. Oh, how I love your crossed out words…they tell so much. That need for being perfect must go back a very long way. He might have had a childhood where he was criticized if things weren’t up to someone else’s standards. I’ll bet it goes back generations. I understand this all too well. Nothing is ever good enough, so folks look for all the small, insignificant negatives…even when they are not there.

    Your plumber should have charged, just for the extended conversation !

    Thinking of you and your mom, Amy. Hugs.

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    1. Van, I got such a kick out of what you said. You nailed it. Picture plastic on furniture in the living room. A house that never looked like it was lived in. Cleaning done every single day. Nothing out of place. Hubby’s sense of worth is in the toilet and he’s always wanting attention to what he is doing or what he has done. Yes this goes back generations … oh yes! Hubby and I mirror each other in many ways regarding our upbringing (never good enough) yet I am learning how to overcome that. I still have my moments, believe me, but overall I have come so far. And yeah, this plumber was a real gem. Thank you for thinking about me and my Mom. I’m expecting a call any moment now. I doubt if my Mom will make it to Friday. Many HUGS to you, dear friend. Thank you for this comment. It feels good when someone understands the “why” behind the words. Bless you!! ❤

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    1. I’ve learned through life circumstances to appreciate and SEE the beauty and not focus on what I don’t have or what needs to be repaired. That makes for in general a very dissatisfied life. No. I won’t do it. So I live by example and no matter how down hubby gets I insist on staying calm and happy. We all have choices. Life is really too damned short to hang our faces in despair. Much Love to you, YellowCable! ❤

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  5. Oh bless him refusing payment!! As for a lived in home, prefer that to a showroom looking house any day. I like seeing shoes in the hall when my nephews have run in excited and a sunken pillow that my cats decided is now his. Not making comment on how your house looks as I’ve never seen it! Just thinking of my own feelings towards the mess of a loved home.

    I like the overall message as well, worrying can really take over if you let it. I’m completely guilty of panicking over what ifs. Need to try relax and live in the moment more! Hope you’re well. 😊

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    1. Bless you, Arbie, for such a thoughtful comment. I’ve seen homes that don’t even look lived in and sorry, not for me. I prefer the evidence all around me that yep this home is definitely lived in and not only that, there is a lot of Love within its walls. So happy you enjoyed this post. Much Love to you! 🦋

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