Light and Dark (8 IMAGES)

Shadow plays
a very significant part
in that

it defines Light
to establish,
brings shape, enhances,

and enforces solidity
to what otherwise
would not even be seen.

Same goes for our
trials, sorrows, and pain

for without them
how would we interpret

Love, Joy, Peace

and how would we know
true Gratitude

when the Dawn of Light
shines in our lives?

Photography/ “Light And Dark”/ August 2017©AmyRose

All of those who are right now suffering from the hurricane in Texas, know my Heart and Prayers are with you. ❤ ❤ ❤

First landscape image taken at Chestnut Ridge Park, NY.  Forth and Fifth landscape images taken at Chestnut Ridge Park, NY where EF-2 tornado directly hit.  All macro images of flowers taken in my gardens.


30 thoughts on “Light and Dark (8 IMAGES)

    1. Very true, Mark. Balance is key yet we must first travail through the radical extremes of both polar coordinates … those being Light and Dark. We do not understand that which we have not experienced. 🌹

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      1. Thank you, Arbie. I’m not fully blogging right now because my Mom is in her last days … it’s just too hard on me. I will be fully involved soon to come see you. And I also thank you for following. Bless you. 💕


      2. I’m still posting but just not blogging as I usually do (visiting my friends’ blogs) and I’m not up to answering comments much. Just taking one moment at a time right now. And thank you about my Mom. 🦋

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  1. Always a treat coming here and seeing the promise of things through beauty. Great pix Amy Rose…I hope things are easing a bit for you. Disasters like Texas always puts things into perspective don’t they? We are never alone with what we are going through. Sending you warm thoughts and hugs…VK ❤

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