Even in this jagged pain
I still have a choice
to see Beauty Blessed

As I’ve acknowledged to some friends, the past few days have been very tough for me as I contended with hand-to-hand combat with my inner torment.  Every aspect of my life is so tightly woven together that no matter what I do, and I’ve done a lot, I still do not have an opening in which to see my Mother before she leaves this Earth.

That hurts.  A lot.  Words do not even give description to this all destructive fire.  If I allowed this pain to run wild and burn out of control, it has the potential to destroy me.  That I will not allow.  And so today, I pull myself up from my bootstraps, no matter how difficult, and with Canon in tow, I head for the forest.  I’m crossing fingers today that for a change the forecast is correct.  Cloudy skies are what I would like to see today.

I close my eyes and deep within my Heart, I appeal to Mother Nature to make sure the day is overcast.  In Faith, I proceed with all I must do this morning knowing I will have those cloudy skies I wish to see.

*Your Love and Support means the world to me at this time of my life.*

MF Macro Photography Handheld/ “Choices”/August 2017©AmyRose

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