The Miracle Weed (6 IMAGES)

All gardeners know the importance of weeding.  There is that individual weed, (Dandelion is foremost in my mind), where you must dig out that weed down to the tiniest bit of the root.  If not, yep that Dandy grows right back mocking all the work you had done prior, in an attempt at getting that darn thing out.  That root rule goes for all weeds come to think of it.  If you don’t get the entire root out, forget it, because that weed is back before you can blink.

Then there are the group weeds when on knees and gardening gloves on hands, weeds by the bunches are pulled out with great grunts of satisfaction, I’ll have you know.  This is done best when the dirt is moist giving the puller of weeds the advantage of pulling weeds with roots intact all the way out.  Exception to that rule on most counts is yep, that Dandy which requires a special gardening tool.  That tool is a Gardner’s Secret, right, Mom?

Well, one day I was weeding in my Mother Rose garden and because I had yet to slip into the weeding trance (the state when eyes glaze and you just keep on pulling everything that looks like weeds) I came across a strange fellow.  I hesitated.  Weed or flower?  It looked foreign.  Not something I normally see in my garden.  I honestly did not know if this was a weed so decision made …. I left it to grow in order to make a better ID.

Time went on and here and there I glanced at that weed/flower and to my surprise I saw it was growing rapidly.  Hmmmm …. What could it be?  My curiosity began to grow right along with this weed/flower.  I had a mystery in my garden.

Mom, for my last birthday, you stuck three packages of flower seeds in books that I found when I was reading those books.  I knew the “right way” to start a flower was with a starter kit but seeing it was almost May I took a chance and carefully planted those seeds in some of my gardens.  I watered them.  I watched over them.  Nothing happened.  And then I eventually forgot about them.

Well turns out that only one flower actually took root and grew.  Out of all those flowers in those packets, one that I thought was a weed, turned out to be a flower.  My mind when I grasped this totally took me by surprise and my jaw, yet again, flew open in awe.  What were the chances?  The one and only flower that grew that you gave me, Mom, is a … drum roll please …


Mum = Mom. Some people call their Mom Mum.  Here is an example from yesterday’s post

Miriam said:  “These words affected me deeply. So much beauty in this world and so much devastation too. Yet in the end there is peace and that’s what I wish for you and your mum Amy. 💕 My mum died on August 10 last year and I got goosebumps reading these words. Hugs and love to you xo.” (Thank you, Miriam)

So you see, Mom, this Mum, the only flower that managed to grow from all the seeds you gave me for my birthday, is now in my garden as if to say …

Mum is here, dear Amy, and will always be so.  I’m here to remind you that our Love will always remain to the very end of time.  When you look at Me, know I am looking at you.  Love, Mom

I Love you, Mum
P.S.  I plan on getting seeds from these flowers, saving them, and planting them in starter kits next March so that I have Mums in my gardens again next year in your honor.  They will be there to remind me you are there watching over me and our Love is EverMore.  If my Sis would like some of these seeds, please let me know.

MF Macro Photography/ “The Miracle Weed”/August 2017©AmyRose



64 thoughts on “The Miracle Weed (6 IMAGES)

  1. That’s a wonderful story to share! ❤
    I had one of those "whatsits" in my front bed a few years ago, ended up being some sorta burr-producing bugger, so not nearly as nice! i get occasional volunteers, some years yes, some years no. We gardeners do like our surprises!
    Now, if we could get some of that rain that keeps eluding us, I could muster up my motivation to zen out over some weeds!

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  2. Thinking of you AR….I feel your strength despite all that is happening in your life. Like that old ‘Dandi’ that keeps growing back your root runs deep and will support you no matter what. By the way, Dandi’s are so hard to get rid of because creator put them there to heal us yet we kill them every chance we get. There must be a happy medium??? Maybe a special bed just for Dandi’s!
    Be well friend….VK ❤

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  3. Beautiful story Amy. I so enjoyed reading it and it made me think of my mom who passes away suddenly when I was about 24. I also have often wondered why weeds are called “weeds” when so many of them ie. dandelion are quite beautiful. Sometimes I think its simply a matter of perspective.

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  4. Amazing, Amy! Profoundly touching. That story causes wonderful goosebumps. When immortality becomes visible. It reminds me so much of the tree my father gave to me. That tree grows next to my house and it feels as if a part of his soul was in that tree… protective and comforting!

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  5. As the others have said, sounds like a miracle and such a touching story to share. Out of small things, big things grow, big things that touch us and speak of something that was and what is now. Good you didn’t pull out that ‘weed’. It was just biding its time, being patient and calm and quiet and maybe we can all learn from that too. Beautiful shots as usual. Very crisp, full of colour and life as always 😊💙

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  6. Mother is amazing!! Producing a mum for you from your mom!! The blessings and joy we receive when we are open to all the miracles . . . and you definitely are!!! A wonderful story of love, connection and miracles!! Thanks for sharing your mum and mom with us!! Lots of love!! Donna

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  7. Amy, whatever is weed in the garden creates beauty in the meadow. Every single day I have a walk in the meadow and from the spring time I notice how beautiful it is. The wild flowers blooming seasonally this is why almost all the time you are not bored because you can see a lot of different colors. When there are a lot of “weeds” growing up together it looks like a Creator’s flowerbed. It is awesome for me. I love wild Mother Nature!

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  8. You know Amy, nothing is by chance.. 🙂 Big smiles to see this at this time.. And so pleased you waited to see how it grew.. That is me to a tee.. And yes we gardeners know.. And I feel this flow and its future seeds will be happy growing for many years to come.. 🙂 Wonderful Amy xxx ❤

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  9. Amy I so love this.
    I lost my mom in March. I returned to her house this summer to find all of her caladiums came back as usual. However, this summer the ones I planted last year at my home came back as well! I’ve lived in Georgia 17 years and they NEVER return. But this year, those caladiums returned, the same kind we planted together over the years. Like angels, these things spring up to remind us we are never alone. 🙂

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  10. Hi actually if you don’t get all the root …they come back in vengence . I think the whole survival mode kicks in and instead of one …now you have three. Have you ever drunken Dandelion and Chicory together -it’s almost like a coffee. Hang in there with your mom. We had five years of getting ready and still it’s hard …and now one year has passed and we still can’t believe she’s gone. Sorry it’s happening to you.

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