Fallen But Not Defeated


Hard.  Fast.  Unforgiving.  All of it happened on Sunday morning.

Flying backwards before I knew what was happening I hit on the way down a cold hard tiled floor mainly with my right elbow and right sitting bone.  BAM!  The door that I had my full weight upon, the latch suddenly decided to open and without warning, there was nothing but air behind me.  Wildly my arms flew about in panic but my hands found nothing to help break that fall.

It just happened too fast.

At the last moment instinct came into play and what I learned in Martial Arts eons ago I must have done.  Tight tight, hold yourself in a ball, but relax, and roll with the fall.  I cannot explain it any other way.  I think this is what I did.

Stunned, sprawled on my tiled floor, not knowing where I was, or what happened, I could not move and was so afraid to move much less stand up.  No one to help me.  I was alone and terrified.  OMG!!! My back my back!  That is all my mind was screaming.

Numb, so so numb.  Why why could I not feel?  Where was I hurt?  I didn’t know.  I sat on that floor trying to assess where I was hurt.  And for the life of me I couldn’t feel a thing but terror.

Getting to a standing position took some doing.  I was just so afraid to move anything too fast.  Still not feeling any pain I slowly rose to a standing position.  I seemed intact.

As the day wore on my right sitting bone began to hurt.  And so ice I applied and I rested trying to figure out what to do as in going to the ER.  Yet I stayed on the couch.  Maybe tomorrow I’d go if I awoke with a lot of pain.

The next morning arrived and still I had barely any pain.  Hell yeah when pressure was applied on that right sitting bone it hurt.  Oh yeah!

By afternoon after a walk to try to get me to de-numb I made a decision to go to a Mash Urgent Care.  Just to be on the safe side the decision was made.  When I arrived, the young man at the receptionist desk was very polite and so nice, telling me after I gave him the information that was required that there would only be a short wait.

Sure enough I had just sat down when I heard my name called.  I identified myself, got up and began to walk towards the young girl who instructed me to follow her into a room.  She entered the room first and with me still walking towards that room, she asked,  “Name please?”  I said nothing but continued to walk into the room.

She asked me a second time for my name, this time with impatience in her voice.  I looked at her and replied,  “I heard you the first time you asked me and besides you already know my name.”  The tone in my voice plainly said how rude she had been to me.  What is up with all the rushing and being in a hurry all the time these days?  And how rude to ask me a question when I was in the hall and she in the room I was headed towards.

Then the zinger.  Question two.  Are your immunizations up to date?

This time with a bit of ire in my voice, this young woman was told this was not the reason why I am here and besides I do not do immunizations.  Make sure that is charted.  Thank you!

*eye roll*!!!!  You have got to be kidding me!

She got the message.  Things went smoothly after that as she took my vital signs.  From there I was shown into another room to meet a doctor.  Good.  I really hoped X-rays would be done just to check if all was all right.  Oh man, was I worried about my back!  The years I have spent working to keep this back of mine strong and healthy as possible and all that could be flushed down the toilet from a stupid accident.

The doctor entered the room, examined me, and told me X-rays were not necessary and I seem all right except for contusions.  He agreed with me about the ice that I had been doing and told me to continue to apply it.  He also told me if the pain increased to either come back or go to an ER.

I honestly would have felt a whole lot better if he had ordered X-rays of my pelvis.  Just to make sure.  You know?  Evidently he didn’t quite understand the LONG history I have with my back.

So here I am, just turned 60, taking a really hard fall on really hard flooring and no great damage.  I’m telling you the impact of that fall could have with someone else broken bones.  The only reason why I walked away basically unscathed except for bruising on my right elbow (nothing on my butt!) is because I firmly believe my diet and my exercise program have strengthened my body so much that a worse case scenario was prevented.  Let me tell you.  It pays to be eat healthy and it certainly pays to exercise.

OH believe me am I grateful for just a bit of soreness and nothing beyond that. Thank goodness I am OK!  And I am so grateful that I have a scheduled massage appointment this week as well.  Coupled with a Chiropractic adjustment I’ll be good as new!

Photography/ “Fallen But Not Defeated”/July 2017©AmyRose

Photograph taken at Chestnut Ridge County Park, NY, yesterday.  The damage seen here in this image was from the tornadoes we had here several weeks ago.  I was so relieved not to see more trees down where I go hiking.



92 thoughts on “Fallen But Not Defeated

      1. Take your time, be Gentle with yourself. We always tend to push ourselves. Sit in the grass today, stare at the sky, breathe deep and let the warmth of the Light Renew 😉

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    1. Yeah, Mark, I flew but I did forget to put my cape on. I’m just so thankful I’m OK. I really hit hard and it could have been a disaster for me what with my back and all. I swear Angels are looking out for me! And yes diet and exercise count. I proved that Sunday. 😙💕😙

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      1. My muscles are very strong right now are as my bones. Between hiking and biking and gardening and consistent good food and everything in between … Yes I’m strong! I may have fallen. But I’m very much still standing! 😘

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  1. Oh sis! I’m so glad you are ok!!!! Way to tuck and land 😊. You are so right about keeping those bones and muscles healthy and strong. That could have been disastrous.

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    1. Rita, you and I both know this could have been a disaster. I’m so glad I’m OK. I’m still shaken up and today OW I’m hurting. Major ice day and I must keep moving. Bless you for your concern. That means the world to me! Amazing how something I learned years ago I just did instinctively. I wonder what other Martial Arts moves I would remember in an emergency. Interesting. Much LOVE!!! 💖🌹💖💕🎀🎀🌸😘😙💖

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  2. Dear Amy.. I am really pleased to hear you are not suffering anything more serious than being badly bruised.. I know how easy it is, in a flash and we are down. ( I banged my chin after falling heavily last year, and looked like I had gone a couple of rounds with a Boxer lol )

    Saw your new post as I logged in and I really must catch up here with you.. It seems to be ages.. So I look forward to doing some back tracking to see what I have missed.

    Seems it must be something in the air. My hubby who is 70 had a really heavy fall yesterday.. We went out walking with our young granddaughter and he tripped and fell, I wanted him to get checked out last evening as his ribs hurt and he has a whopper of bruise on his thigh and up his right side.. He grazed his hands elbow and cut his finger.. A real mess.. Hes resting today.. After not a good night and stiff this morning.. But he is stubborn and will not go..

    I so know how you are feeling after last year I fell.. They say from 50 + onwards we are more likely to take a tumble.. lol..

    I hope the stiffness and bruises soon heal Amy.. Sending lots of love, healing and thoughts your way xx ❤

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    1. Sue, I am very careful regarding falls and between the biking and hiking am very nimble on my feet. So sorry to hear about your hubby. He really should get checked out. Ribs are very painful yet if broken not much can be done but taping his chest. I’m really feeling it today and so am taking it easy. Friend, when you catch up here please don’t feel you must leave a comment. Your time is precious so again please don’t feel you would hurt my feelings if you didn’t comment on all posts. I’d understand. Really. Love 💖🌹💖


      1. Yes I asked him today Amy.. but he says he is fine, yet he went to bed this afternoon so I know he is not..
        Amy I love my catch ups here.. And like wise just like a comment.. if I arrive and put too many on.. all at once..
        I enjoy your blog and your photos and stories Amy..
        I hope your soreness and stiffness soon eases.. I know how long it takes, and how easy it is to make a silly slip.. Sending lots of Hugs and some healing thoughts too Amy xx xxx

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      2. I’m doing well, just wanted you to know, Sue. Laid low yesterday and today I was back on my bike and actually went 17 miles. That is my longest ride yet. I’ve got to adjust the brakes because where they are is putting too much pressure on my wrists. No worries. 😎

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  3. Oh, those falls ! It seems to be one of just a few screening questions asked on a yearly physical…Have you fallen in the past year ??

    Glad you are okay, and that your physical fitness prevented a disaster for you. Take care of yourself.

    p.s. Am I the only one who saw that tree and thought you had fallen out of there ?????

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    1. No so far you are the only one. I wrote I had fallen backwards while leaning on a door that was supposed to be closed and at the end of my post I wrote that the tree was one that had been hit by a tornado we had here a couple of weeks ago. Sorry for the confusion, Van. Perhaps I should have chosen another picture? 😂 ❤️

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  4. Wow! You gave us a scare! You are very lucky not to have any fractures or broken bones. Thank goodness your Guardian Angel must have been around! Please take care as your back must not take another whack ok. Garfield hugs🐾🐾💕💕

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    1. That makes two of us on the scared scale, Garfield. Thank goodness nothing got broken. I’m so careful about falling because I know that could be my undoing. And affirmative in Angels plus I knew how to fall. Those two factors and my health all saved me from a disaster. I will take care of me and my back. Promise! 😙🐾😙


    1. You got that right, LeeAnn! I just don’t understand this lack of empathy these days or lack of respect either. And this thing about rushing all the time. What???? I’m laying low today. Tomorrow I’ll get back to my norm. But today I need the rest. 😘

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    1. I turned 60 in April (smile). But yeah what a scare and I am SO so relieved nothing was broken or I wasn’t hurt more then I was. Thank you for the belated birthday wishes. Truly appreciated. Much Love to you, dear friend! 🌹

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  5. I am very happy that you weren’t seriously hurt, Amy. Good for you trying to adjust the attitude of the “caregiver” – “leave your rudeness at home.” We got an indignant look when my wife followed me into the room to have my stitches removed. She came in anyway.

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    1. I’m relieved I wasn’t hurt seriously, Dan, truly, especially seeing what I’ve gone through with my back. And thank you for commenting regarding the “attitude”. Sigh. Really? I can actually see your wife going ahead and just walking into the room. LOL Good for her! These people I swear have god complexes! You aint gonna pull that on me! Sorry! 😉

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  6. So glad all is well….At the later stages in life a fall can be so much worse to recover from. Sounds like good health and exercise kept the damage at bay. Yay! Smart to keep moving so your body doesn’t seize up…Rest and accept all healing attentions from others. It’s good to accept help once in a while 🙂 Get better AmyRose…Sending love and hugs…VK ❤

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    1. I rested yesterday, VK, and off I went today on a 17-mile bike ride. I am SO grateful I am OK because I know OH how I know it could have been a heck of a lot worse! Whew! I’m sticking to my exercise regimen that is for sure! And my diet as well!! 😘

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  7. So sorry to hear about the fall, Amy. But glad that you are okay and you got checked out. Maybe you were numb in shock momentarily and it took away all your emotions. Strange things happen and it seems luck was on your side too 😊 Maybe you could still get an X-ray just to be sure and for peace of mind given it felt like no ordinary fall. Rest up and hope the chiropractor works out and you’ll be right as rain and back to normal again 😊💙

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    1. I was in shock, Mabel. I know. I was in and out of shock for 2 days. Funny how when you do get hurt you really don’t feel it sometimes. I honestly don’t need x-rays. Today I feel perfectly fine. Amazing comeback for me!! Thank you for your concern! 🌸


      1. ‘Funny how when you do get hurt you really don’t feel it sometimes.’ I think you nailed it. Also the impact is not only physical but emotional too. Like a shock to the system all round like you experienced. Great comeback and very brave of you to share ❤

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  8. I’m glad to hear you are OK. Falls can be very dangerous and it could have been a lot worse. On the practical side, it’s sometimes a good thing to analyse why you fell so you can eliminate it in the future.

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    1. Oh I know why I fell, John, no worries on that one, and it will not happen again, believe you me! Yes I am OK. I actually went for a bike ride today! YAY! Amazing how quickly I came back to normal. Wow! 😘


  9. Hey Amy!
    Wow, so glad to hear you came out of this in tip-top shape besides a few bruises!! You are right to keep your body strong, especially your bones!! Eating healthy and exercising is a wonderful plan – good for you!!! And so right about those vaccines/immunizations!! Say no to drugs!!!

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    1. Hi, Donna!! Good to see someone else saying no to vaccines. Thank you! And yes I seem to be back to norm today. I actually took a 17 mile bike ride today, my longest yet. I am SO not deterring from my diet nor my exercise. I just proved to myself that what happened and the consequences IMO are a miracle! I’ll be over when I can. I LOVE reading your posts!!! Much Love ❤️

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  10. Lovely photo of you beautiful forest…….hope you have had no after-effects of your fall. Need I remind you to be more careful?

    Love, Mom

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  11. I’m very glad it doesn’t appear that you have permanently injured anything. It’s a terrible feeling to fall, so beyond control, as a biker I’m sure you know what I mean. You are a trooper Amy! Please be careful, but I know things happen despite all our precautions. Continue to recuperate !! ❤

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    1. Holly, I really am OK. Yesterday I took a 17-mile bike ride and you KNOW what that entails. I was really lucky in that at the last minute I went with the fall (I knew what to do instinctively) and I am a strong proponent of good nutrition and exercise. I’m not about to stop at this point. No way. Now more then ever I am determined to continue what I am doing!!! YOU take care out there on your bike! Much Love to you! 🌹🌸💖

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  12. Oh my Amy. Scary indeed. My fisrt “adult fall” happened when we were in Costa Rica. Of course we had no insurance there and the Gringo clinic was supposed to be pretty good but I didn’t want to find out. All floors are tiles there and when I missed the short step down from hall to living room and went down so many things flashed before me. I eas holding my camera and all thoughts were on my baby. Somehow I hit my knee and then the camera went but miraculously the lens took more of a hit than me. Both were repaired without much expense or pain. All I could think was I didn’t want to ruin my knee. I think the ER doc was remiss in not doing an xray. But I am glad you are mending quickly.

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    1. I thought so too, Cheryl, about the doctor. But it seems he was correct for I really am OK. Tile as you know is really unforgiving and HARD. I do not wish to have a repeat of that fall ever again. Nope. So glad your fall didn’t have worse ramifications. I fell once in a slippery creek and all I could think of on the way down was keeping my camera out of the water. I succeeded. Unreal what I do sometimes. 😅

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    1. Benji, I don’t think you know this so I’m telling you now. My Mom is dying, having fought a heroic battle against renal cancer but now her journey is coming to a close. Some days I am falling apart in a million pieces while others I am OK. Much Love to you! 🦋

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