Sanity Recipe (5 IMAGES)

For those of us with many roles
in our demanding lives

it is mandatory on
a consistent basis

to step away from our loads

so we can connect with Self
for breath to ease
and smile to free

being with Self
minus the roles
with that we Love to do

regaining symmetrical serenity
when we do step back

returning to our roles

MF Macro Photography/ “Sanity Recipe”/ July 2017©AmyRose

Third photograph is a Rose I have waited 4 years to see flower.  It had been viciously attacked by insects then I transplanted it and the soil fell, which in turn made the bush sink.  I have been babying this Rose for 4 years in hopes She would actually flower.  Her name is Lovers Lane.  And OH did She make my Heart sing when this year She showed me Her Essence!


45 thoughts on “Sanity Recipe (5 IMAGES)

  1. Great photos AmyRose…Wonder heart felt words as well….We must tend ourselves just like your rose. We overlook ourselves in favor of life’s distractions. No more. We can NOT do that! Enjoy your rose my friend and tenderly caring for others be it flowers or people always pays off…..Much love….VK ❤

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    1. Bless you for commenting about what I wrote. No one else, it seems did. YOU understand and for this I rejoice. Oh yes it is SO important to take time out for yourself. Too many are just running after their own tail. No way. Not doing it anymore, VK! And man does it feel good! Much Love to you! ❤

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      1. I miss you and our blogging family, but don’t have much energy yet. I’m looking so much forward to get home to my fur kids and peace in my house, where I feel sure to be able to heal in my own speed. Much love to you ❤

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