Heaven (3 IMAGES)

72 thoughts on “Heaven (3 IMAGES)”

  1. Oh I could smell them from here Amy…how could I not take in those beautiful scents from the lovely images you have shown. There’s magic in the love created in those gardens, and the love bestowed by their owner ❤ 😀

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    1. It is plain to see that my gardens know they are Loved. No doubt. I’m so happy I could share them with you, Mark. There is Magic! And I never take for granted either rather am always in awe what my flowers do for me. Have a beautiful Sunday! 💖

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    1. Thank you, Rita!! I love my gardens and feel so happy I could share them with you. And you are welcome about Irene. Communication might get sporadic as her daughter is returning home. Hoping for open lines of communication with this. Have a great day!! 💖💖💖

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  2. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your gardens, Amy, and for the work you put into having them be that pretty. Thanks for the Dad’s Day wishes. I am taking it slow today, after a filling breakfast with Faith.

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    1. You are welcome, Dan, and thank YOU for recognizing it is hard work to maintain gardens as I have and to make them beautiful. Good to hear you are taking it easy today! We all deserve to have days like that. 😄

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    1. SO happy you came by to see my gardens, Eliza. That is not all of them but I was focusing on my Lilacs and Peonies. And you are most welcome about Irene. I’m not sure if Irene’s boyfriend knows English so he may not be sending me any more updates. Crossing fingers Irene herself will be able to access her phone. She made it, Eliza!! You have no idea how relieved I am!! 🌸

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    1. I agree with you, Milanka. My Peonies are magical. They never last long enough and are now gone. (sad face) I am more then happy to share with you what I Love! SO glad you saw this post! 🌸💞

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      1. You are right Amy, their season is very short. That is why they are soooo special. I adore their subtle fragrance and the beauty of when the bud opens and the flower is in full bloom. 🙂 A very special and unique flower. Milanka

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  3. Your yard and gardens are beautiful and so green from lots of rain. I am just wondering if you have ever tried cutting back your peonies when they are a foot or so high? I have done that after experiencing so many years of them being weighted down and falling over to the ground. They don’t grow as high then but are just as full as usual. I do that to my bleeding hearts and black eyed susans too. I am disappointed that my white bleeding heart is done blooming already but I have broken off a few stems and planted them ao I will have a bigger area of them next year. I love you blog because I love nature and all kinds of flowers and pictures of gardens. Thanks for the beautiful views.

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    1. Thank you, Sharon, for your compliment regarding my gardens. To answer your question no I have not cut my Peonies back. Why? I’m the type of the gardener who “listens” to what my plants and flowers want and so allow them that. I do prune and I do cut back and I do form bushes and trees and certain plants and of course I winterize my roses, but other then that I like to give freedom (to a point) to my gardens. No I don’t allow my creeping sort to get out of control and into the grass. I do my best to contain everything so they are within the confines of the garden borders. Fascinating how you garden. We tend to have the same Love but have different techniques. 😄💞


  4. Such beautiful Gardens and blooms dear Amy.. And I know the time it takes to keep them looking like that.. So love Lilacs.. We had them as children in our home garden.. Peonies I have grown.. but for some reason when I transplanted it , it failed to bloom.. I read I may have planted too deep.. And agree with you about fragrances.. My Jasmine was intoxicating is the only word to describe it.. So strong and beautiful its scent was while in flower..

    I am busy doing a make over in my own back garden this Summer.. and enjoying the results..
    Which is why I am less on my rounds here at WP too.. The weather here in the UK is just too good to be behind a Keyboard.. 🙂
    Lots and LOTS of love your way Amy.. Beautiful photos xx

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    1. I’ve been enjoying the outdoors too, Sue, even in the rain. I hiked 7 miles today at times in pouring rain. IMO the “light” is perfect for photographers and put me straight to Bliss. The park was so quiet and I only crossed paths with 2 people who were running. Being spotty with blogging is what my reality is right now. I refuse to be indoors and on a computer. Much Love to you! 🌸🌼💓

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      1. Like wise Amy.. I am at the moment most often just catching up with comments and repaying visits.. As Summer is to be enjoyed outside not behind the keyboard.. So off out shortly too my friend xx ❤

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