A Friend In Trouble

I was just notified this morning that a good friend of mine, Irene (IreneDesign2011), is very ill in a hospital in her city.  Her daughter, Claire, requested help from me to get the word out that her Mother needs prayer, Light and Energy, good thoughts, sent now.  If any of you know Irene will you please reblog this post and assist me to get to as many of Irene’s friends as possible so they know about this situation?

The following is the exact message Claire, Irene’s daughter requested I write in this post:

“I am not sure who is reading this but I hope it is read by Irene’s friends and followers.  I am her daughter, my name is Claire, and would like to give you an update on this story.  As I cannot guess her password to the computer, I cannot write a separate post for you to receive notifications about.

Unfortunately my mother’s health has taken a turn for the worse.  She is currently submitted to the hospital in her city.  She is in the intensive care unit where they do their best to help her. She is not awake and it is very hard for all of us.  My brother and I are here, and we are visiting her and taking care of Odin and the cats.  Her boyfriend is here as well.

My mom doesn’t like to be public about intimate details such as sickness, so out of respect for her, I will not go into details now.  If she gets better (unfortunately yes, the “if” in this sentence is needed), it should be up to her to share it or not.

I am not sure how to contact Amazon or Easy, to inform abut the fact that any incoming order cannot be served at the moment.  If any of you know, please help me and perhaps contact them (I do not have much internet access) on our behalf and ask them to contact me directly.  Her and I are connected on Facebook, so if you are connected you can find me there if you need to contact us.  I will of course, check her blog for posts.

Please send your best thoughts our way and I will make sure to inform her about this tomorrow, when I visit her again.  I am absolutely certain she could hear me today, as she fought to wake up when we were there.  She will be happy when I forward her any comments from her followers.  She tell me about you on a a daily basis, or at least she did until Thursday morning.

To all of you:  I do not plan to write back in here, but I will check for any replies to this.  At the moment we are all too devastated to communicate much.  I just thought you should know why she has been silent for a while and will not be active in any near future.”

Lots of love,
The daughter

Claire’s contact information is:


Now, since Claire cannot get onto the administration page on Irene’s blog, I am keeping comments open here so that she can read them and go from there.  This might get complicated for Claire so let’s all try to make this as easy for her in this very difficult time.  Again, please reblog this post if you are a friend or follower of Irene’s.  And when you do reblog, please close comments on your post and direct people to post here to make things as easy as possible for Claire. There is power in numbers and there is power in Love.  Irene needs us now.  Thank you!



458 thoughts on “A Friend In Trouble

    1. Bless you, Sarah and Choppy. Please keep the thoughts and prayers coming. I just heard from Irene’s daughter today that she finally is showing improvement after being in ICU for 3 days. Much Love 💕🌹🌸🥀💖

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  1. So happy to hear Irene is improving dear Amy, and thank you so much for all the love you have put in here to inform us of her improvement.. I am so pleased Irene is blessed by your good friendship..
    Saying good night to you Amy. and I shall keep sending my prayers and energy vibes, I am so happy to hear of her improvement..

    No need to answer this Amy..
    Sending LOVE to you my good friend.. xxx ❤

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    1. Yes. I told all who commented. Irene improves today finally. The family has hope she will pull through. It is very difficult to get word to everyone. Please keep the Love coming. Bless you! 🌹🌸🥀💕

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      1. No worries. I replied to all who commented individually. It was the best way I could think of to get the good news out. This event has had me quite busy. Anything for Irene, though. Anything! ❤

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      2. Thank you for sharing your kindness and love, dear Amy ❤
        I will try to find energy to create a small post with last news one of the next days. I'm still very tired so for now, thank you.

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      3. Dearest Irene, oh my gosh I never expected to hear from you yet! You have been through SO much that it is vitally important for you to put your energies into you, into getting your health back. The post can wait. Every day I’ve prayed for you. Many HUGS, many HUGS, many HUGS!!!! Sending Much Love to you! 💞🕊💞

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  2. Just popped over for Plucking of My Heartstrings as it was my daughter virthday yesterday I didn’t read an posts yesterday so was upset to read of Irene’s illness then relieved to hear in comments she has made some improvements, sending love and light for her recovery, I am guessing from her daughters carefully worded message that this may be an on going illness so will keep her in my prayers and hope she will be back on line to update us herself soon, thank you for letting is know, in this crazy world people frequently disappear and you are left to wonder if they are okay and sometimes fearing the worst.

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  3. Reblogged this on fiercefabulousfunny and commented:
    I don’t know Irene however I know the power of prayer. I am sending healing thoughts and prayers Irene’s way and am hopeful by reblogging this on my own page, others will join me in prayer also.

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    1. Bless you for this reblog. Could you please close comments so that people will leave comments on my post? I’m doing my best to keep things as simple for family as possible. I also heard yesterday Irene improved finally and that family has hope. Thank you! 💖🌹🌸🥀💕

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  4. Prayers for your friend Amy Rose….So sorry to hear she is not well. May prayers and a strong determination bring her back to health! I hope all turns out well. Hang in there my friend….Tough times as we have mentioned before…I send you hugs as well…VK ❤

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    1. Bless you, VK. I’ve been with thus post for 3 days now. Today I must just BE in my gardens. Thank you for your prayers. Many are praying that Irene makes it. She has shown improvement so family is now hopeful. 💖🌹🌸🥀💕

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  5. Dear Amy and Claire,
    Thank you for reaching out to our WordPress Community with prayer requests for Irene. I do not know any of you but I send prayers anyway and it looks as though the prayers are already making a positive difference. As a person who experienced (as a teenager) having a very ill mother, I can only imagine the fear and anxiety that Claire and her bother might be experiencing at this point. How brave of you, Claire, to contact Amy and ask for this support. How wonderful that we have the internet (did not 50 years ago) to get those calls for support answered within moments! Blessings to you, your Mom and your family as you navigate this healing journey, Alia

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  6. Sending healing thoughts to Irene. And thank you Claire for the updates. Thanks Amy too for the platform here. I came here via Resa’s reblog. I’m glad to read that after 3 days Irene is improving.. of course continuing to send loving vibes xx

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  7. So shocked to hear! Sending my love and healing energy to Irene. Hugs and lots of strength to her family too. So glad to have picked up on a comment that she is making progress and I truly hope we will have her post again in the future.

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    1. Dear friend, thank you so much for your prayers, Love, and reblog. I too was shocked when Claire contacted me on Sunday. We all must still keep the Love going. Yes Irene has improved but yet she is very ill. Bless you!! 🌹🌹🥀💕💖

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      1. Makes me so sad. She is such a lovely and positive person. She once mentioned her health in a comment. Only just recently. I will keep thinking of her and sending her positive energy. I hope you keep us up to date.

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  8. Reblogged this on A Momma’s View and commented:
    Irene is a blogger I follow for basically all my blogging journey. Just yesterday I was sondering if she was taking a break as I have not seen anything new and she is very active with her Etsy site. From what I have gathered she is recovering but please send her some healing energy. Once again, the blogging community shows clearly, what an amazing family it is. We stick together and support each other!

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  9. I am so sorry to hear of Irene’s illness and hope and pray she recovers soon. Claire, I am so pleased you are there to look after Odin and the cats, that must be so comforting for Irene as we know Odin hasn’t been to well either for quite some time.
    Thoughts and prayers are with you all. Lots of Love. xxx

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  10. I saw this on another blog that I follow and while I don’t know your mom, I pray that she recovers and that your family is stregthened and comforted during this period of time while she gets better. I will keep checking back into the comments or looking for a new post so that I can rejoice with you when this is over!! Prayers and love from Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  11. I am very concerned having just received an email from Claire, Irene’s daughter. Irene’s condition has deteriorated and she is now back in a coma again. So, I’m updating this sad news here. If I hear any more developments I’ll let you know.Thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

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    1. Oh no, Marje! My stomach just about fell out from underneath me when I read your news. I hadn’t heard from Claire in a day or two and now this … my heart is breaking. My prayers and thoughts are with Irene and family as well. I just am having trouble believing this again. 😔

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