i-Phoneology (3 IMAGES)

Recently my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone had an OS update. When I went to turn my cellphone back on, everything was changed as in colors, app shapes and colors, and even my texting colors were changed.

I grouched.

Why must these techo gadgets always have these updates?  Technology it seems is running so fast it cannot keep up with itself.  I also happen to like being in charge of my phone, not vice versa.

However, I noticed something very different about the camera and its features.  I had new instructions on how to gain access to several settings.  *sigh*  Some more new to remember.  OK.  So I remembered and clicked continue.  My first picture after the new OS was put on was the selfie I took that is posted on my main page.  I looked closer and saw a different look to this selfie then from the selfies taken with the older OS.

Well, thinking nothing more of it, I went for a walk on Wednesday taking along my cellphone.  I have transition glasses that get darker when I’m out in the sun and when I first clicked and saw what was on my screen, I really thought I was seeing things.  No way.  Not possible.  This can only be done with my Canon, or so I thought.

So I clicked again.  Walking into deep shade I peered over my glasses to look at the picture I just took and that is when my jaw dropped.  What I was looking at in all seriousness was a picture I considered to have only been taken by my Canon. Impossible, I thought.  This phone is not an SLR camera.

When I returned home off came my darkened glasses and in their place reading glasses were put on to again look.  In all honesty I could not believe my eyes.  The color, the sharpness and the effects as if I had taken the picture with an F2.8 aperture were staring me in the face.

Oh.  My.  Heavens.

All three images below were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 cellphone.  I only cropped, decreased pixels, and did minimal editing.  I find when I transfer pictures from my Samsung phone to my Apple laptop, small changes are noted such as decreased clarity, sharpness, and brightness.  So with only minute changes, I brought each picture back to look exactly as it was taken.  All three were edited in PhotoShop.

Look for yourself and you tell me.  Unbelievable what technology can do.

OK.  In all fairness to my Canon, I took some “test” shots of landscape yesterday with my Samsung and yes, I do still prefer my Canon.  My phone’s images are too sharp for my liking and unless I put the settings on “pro” the entire image is crystal clear, something I’m not fond of.  I like my landscape images to bring your eye to an area of the picture that is the “central focal point” and what surrounds that focal point has a “soft feel” to it.  It seems I will be lugging my Canon with me on my hikes.  😓

Picture 1 is a closeup of tiny Evergreen berries.  Phenomenal composition!

Picture 2 looks like it is a combination photo of several pictures but it is not.  It is a closeup of some buds on a Crabapple tree.  Amazing, isn’t it?

Picture 3 is looking straight down at a pretty weed.  This looks 3D.

Photography/ “i-Phoneology”/April 2017©AmyRose

❤ ❤ ❤

26 thoughts on “i-Phoneology (3 IMAGES)

    1. Dan, those were my thoughts exactly. I honestly still don’t like the landscape images taken with my phone, but these closeups blew me away. I don’t want my camera to be phased out. There is something about holding that camera in my hands that brings such JOY to me. The way technology is going though, the art made by SLR cameras will be slowly fading. That is very sad to me. I pray that day never comes with breath still in me. 🌸

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  1. These are amazing shots Amy. Must admit I never used to go away without my camera but my last few camping trips I’ve relied solely on my phone. I agree with you though, nothing feels more solid than an actual camera in hand. Technology’s advanced so fast sometimes it’s scary. Happy snapping. 🌹🌿 xo

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  2. I left android a very long time ago because of all the horrendous updates and switched back to ios, they do updates but they leave your settings alone, Android to me feels like I’ve invited a stranger into my home to shuffle my cupboards geesh

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  3. The Samsung phones can be amazing in their picture quality but they are still poor when it comes to reflecting the original colors – thinking of sunsets for example. Your photos are beyond amazing, Amyèè

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    1. With the right setting, it should not be difficult to capture the “correct” color. On my Grand Prime, I only need to switch to Pro setting and modify the White Balance a bit, perhaps using point focus. Google Photos’ simple editing would help, too, I guess…

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      1. Yes, I am playing with the White Balance too at times but still it doesn’t reach the original. But you are right with the Google Photo’s editing. I will try that with some special pics. Thank you, David!!


  4. GREAT Post Amy!
    that first shot, holy cow, is awesome. from a phone… just unreal. I swear, we are on some ESP mode lately, hahaha…
    I always, grumble re:phone cameras! But not anymore, Not since yesterday. kind of the same thing happened to me, as to you. my phone outperformed my canon, and GOT the shot. (said with some disgust) LOL

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    1. I still don’t like landscape shots, Debi, with my phone’s camera. But I am in awe of what I am seeing with its closeup abilities since the OS change. Using an SLR is very challenging at times to get THE shot, as not too many people know.
      I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts …. really not blogging at all. I’ve fallen down exhausted with just too much that has happened in the past weeks. I HAD to answer your comment, however, because it is uncanny how we seem to be seeing the same thing at the same time. My first shot is unreal I agree! When I saw it my jaw dropped, not believing what I saw. Now if I could adjust the sharpness and some other functions on my phone to take long shots with, I would be a lot happier. Lugging that heavy equipment around is tough especially on long hikes. How nice just to have a small camera in my pocket. I’d miss using my Canon though, truth be told. LOL ❤

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      1. yup… definitely in my comfort zone with my ‘proper’ camera …. lol and I’m with you on the lugging all that weight (where’s the packmule anyway, did it run away?!!)
        Agree about the Hiatus Amy. I feel like, I need a serious, long break from WP. but if I do, I’ll have to start all over from scratch.
        I hope you look after your self. rest. or whatever Amy. yes, I hear myself! hahaha

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  5. Beautiful images Amy.. and I often find my little phone gives wonderful pictures.. And do not worry about WP.. I know exactly how you feel and I wonder too how we manage to juggle.. No need to answer this either Amy..
    Sending Love.. Take care of you, your Hubby and your lovely four-four-legged friends.. Priorities come first..

    Love and Blessings in all you do.. and remember too, to take care of YOU.. ❤ ❤ xxx

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  6. Wonderful shots all of them, Amy! I noticed that my son’s android phone takes much better pictures even in low light than what I thought possible….and much better than my iPhone 6+. Some times upgrades they do are for the good 🙂

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  7. Hi Amy!!! I have an android…and the same thing happened to me…I was so annoyed that everything looked different. That is, until I noticed the photographs it was taking 🙂
    Hope you are well, my friend. I have missed being around and hope to be a little more connected. Sweet blessings to you ❤ ❤

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