Bubbles Of Discontent (2 IMAGES)

Without communication
for clear understanding
bubbles of separation
rise to the surface
thereby creating infinite
islands of bafflement,
despair and pain

Original Image Resized Only


Photography/Digital Art/ “Bubbles of Discontent”/ March 2017©AmyRose

I’m a firm believer in talking things out to prevent misunderstandings.  Sometimes this just doesn’t happen due to the other person unwilling to be honest and to speak truthfully, the subject matter is too difficult and painful for someone to talk about, or another person holds back for unknown reasons.  This can make for frustration.  Wouldn’t it be a Blessed World if all of us could learn to speak frankly without menace or ulterior motives, in gentle tones of Peace?

Emotions.  Emotions hang us up many times when it comes to speaking frankly and openly.  That and fear.  Have any of you experienced a conversation where you just poured your Heart out knowing you are safe with the other person (s) to not judge and to really listen to you?  What a liberating experience!  Do you remember how much lighter you felt afterwards?  Can you imagine how many dis-eases would be healed if we all learned to speak from the Heart, holding nothing back, walking away from fear and grudges?

❤ ❤ ❤

31 thoughts on “Bubbles Of Discontent (2 IMAGES)

  1. I agree with you, Amy. I am in a discussion with a friend, who has been treated badly by a group he belongs to. I’m urging him to talk it out. He’s insisting on walking away. Problems can be solved, or we can come to the understanding that there really isn’t anything to build on. Either way, it’s better to try.

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    1. You are giving good advice, Dan. I hope a discussion can take place. It’s hard to face those who have hurt you. I’m in a situation where I want to get to the truth of the matter yet all I’m getting is silence. Sometimes we have to be wise enough just to walk away when the other party is unwilling to talk things out. 💖

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  2. I’ve recently had that….boon is the only word that comes to mind….very recently for the first time in my life. I know what you’re talking about AmyRose. Oh, how I know it! I get tears in my eyes, almost.

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    1. Yes it hurts, Dr. Hb. Especially when you are left without understanding as to why the relationship is over. I extend BIG HUGS to you. My Heart aches as only I imagine does yours. We both must see this as an ending yes which brings a new beginning. Much Love to you this day! 💖🌹💖

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  3. Lovely pictures 🙂
    It is a wonderful feeling, when you meet one, you are able to speak freely to without thinking of any kind of judgment, I agree Amy.
    Sometimes we need to find this kind of people outside our usual circles and then what? It doesn’t matter, we do all need to be heard and feel heard.
    Some souls need longer time than others, before they are able to open their mouth and speak out. Others again totally avoid it by ignoring any kind of problem.
    Send you much love and you know my mail, if you wish to talk more, dear friend ❤

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    1. I agree it is rare, Marissa. Yet when we do find that rarity we have found a Great Gift. Thank you about what I did with my image. Again I just tried options having no idea what to expect. 💖🌹💖


  4. I am reminded of my days of wine making.. 🙂 A particular blend was Rhubarb… It took forever to clear in he demi jars in which you have an airlock in place to release the gas… If you were to bottle the wine too soon before fermentation had taken place, Then the bottles could explode their corks.. ( Which has happened before we knew what we were doing ) Its been years since we made any home made wine.. 🙂

    Now what has this to do with Bubbles… Keep allowing them to rise… And escape. Much better than blowing your top.. 🙂

    Keep speaking your truth Amy.. We love your bubbles.. xxx ❤
    Much Love.. Enjoy your weekend Amy xx

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    1. Will do, Sue. Those bubbles will rise and release, tickling my nose making me sneeze. LOL Wine making sounds like it could be a dangerous thing to undertake. Much Love to you and Happy Weekend! ❤

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  5. Beautiful words my friend. Those heart to hearts are a cure in themselves, they break down barriers and join together, where before were walls 😀
    Great post and again, great photo’s. Mind you Amy, I think your furry friend in the second photo is trying to send you a message 😀

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    1. That is actually a shot of my hat. LOL I had all this “stuff” on my counter and I thought what a cool photo that would make. My Canon, my hat, pad of paper, my Samsung phone, my iPad, a shot of a tube of lipstick … yes it’s there! Glad you enjoyed this post! Much Love to you this day, Mark! ❤

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    1. Yes it would be an improved world, Eliza. And I am thrilled you like my droplet picture. I just kept on playing with options in Ribbet.com. I actually attempted to learn something in PS and my inner child protested …. NOOOOOOO I don’t like this! I wanna play. So I actually gave up and began to play in ribbet. LOL Much Love to you! ❤

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  6. Hi Amy, I have know idea what is happening but it is already third time when I’ve been thrown out of your followers. However I am stubborn and follow you again. Good to know you are ok and still posting lovely pictures and thoughts. Your blog changed the appearance and looks as fresh as Spring! Have a nice day!

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    1. Alexander, I so appreciate your efforts to keep following me. I don’t know why WP does this and yes I have found myself in the same predicament as well. I thank YOU for commenting on my blog’s appearance. You are the first one to do so, believe it or not. Someone I now know is actually coming to my blog instead of the generic white page the reader gives you. Bless you, dear friend, for encouraging me today! ❤

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