Time Out (2 IMAGES)

Oh dear heavens
here I am at the park
and I forgot to change
my Macro lens
and so upon this lark
 my Macro eyes are on
and I begin to click.

Here’s another one!

Macro Photography Handheld/ “Time Out”/ March 2017©AmyRose

Friends, I’m taking my own advice and practicing selfishness right now.  In other words, I’m taking care of me.  Too much in the space of a small amount of time occurred and still is.  And on top of everything I’m becoming “un-numb” (due to eliminating certain foods from my diet and drinking Spring water). This onslaught of too many emotions with so much happening at once is very disconcerting, mind you.   Trying to stay Centered is not happening at the moment.

This week we had a farce of a State of Emergency for the entire state of New York over a mere few inches of snow.  Sweet however is the outcome because according to the local news media (believe what you may) the weather forecasters that have been ridiculously wrong for years, finally got fired.  Billions of dollars were lost due to these so-called experts when all of New York State just about shut down, over a mere few inches of snow.  In this neck of the woods all goes on as usual even with feet of snow on the ground.  Someone is finally waking up to the fact these people are SO far from being correct they just had to go.

Anyways, the snow we do have here now is not going to be here long so I went out yesterday to get some shots.  The sun was so brilliant against the snow I could barely see my LCD screen or my light meter reading.  To say the least it was not a really “fun” shoot but needing to let some steam off I persevered.  I ended up talking to a young man who was collecting fungi, confiding in me that he is studying Forestry.  Thank goodness there are some people who are concerned about the Environment.  When I told him we need more people like him, his smile lit up the park.

Which made me forget my oversight on not changing my lens.

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