The deliberately masterfully placed decoys —
the illusional ruination of today’s world …
corruption, chaos, deception, greed …
are just only that — decoys.
Realizing this as Truth
when we take our eyes off
the insidious ways of our world
and position them on Spirit and Light
our True Natures gracefully emerge
and as a remarkable result
Love and Miracles will bloom
in the place of acid blight.
When we live in constant fear
we in actuality push Love away
and without that Love
we ruin every opportunity
for Paradise to even exist
within our Hearts
within our very Lives

Picture is a closeup of a feather.

MF Macro Photography Handheld/ “Decoys”/March 2017©AmyRose

I know only too well the state of this world is in.  What I am speaking of here is we still have control over our personal space, choosing how we are going to live.  If we do not begin to change and turn back to that of Love, we in essence are only contributing to the pandemonium in this 3D realm.  I have learned to take my eyes off of the incredible mess I see everywhere and to focus solely on what I can control which is my Life and that of my family.  I really am experiencing Paradise at times.  No not all the time.  Yet the more effort I put into creating that Paradise the more I see of it.

And it is my firm belief that what I create from Love radiates out into this world thereby pushing back the darkness that threatens to alienate our very lives.  No one will steal my Joy or my Glitter.  Oh yes I pay a price, a very high one, but it is so worth it!

❤ ❤ ❤

56 thoughts on “Decoys

    1. This is why I said to keep our eyes on Spirit and Light and not on the world or other people. In order for change to happen, it begins with you and it begins with me. Not “them”. When we finally stop waiting for others to change we know we can only change one person … ourself. Much Love this day to you! ❤


    1. Thank you, Eliza! I’ve been getting some very hard fast balls flying towards me lately and instead of ducking I’ve gotten my bat out and hit those balls as hard as I could. You see the results. 😙💖🌹

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    1. That is exactly so, Eddie. It is also true the brighter the light the darker the dark becomes. When and I am saying when that tipping point comes favoring the light that is when the dark shall finally fade then cease to be. That is when 3D as we know it will change in a flash. 💖💖💖

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  1. Beautiful post, dear Amy 🙂
    Nothing is stronger than love, even if much hate shows up, love is still stronger. When we choose to live in the light, it is not the same, as we always see only the light, but a way of behaving, which makes life much easier and then the love can flow ❤

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    1. Beautiful, and very insightful comment, Irene! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! I know nothing is stronger then Love yet to maintain that state in this realm is not easy at times. It is a way of behaving, a choice to either dip down to our lower emotions or to stay high in Heart. Bless you for your Wisdom. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. “when we take our eyes off
    the insidious ways of our world
    and position them on Spirit and Light
    our True Natures gracefully emerge”

    Love casts out fear. Beautifully written and illustrated with your photo. Each tendril of that feather creates the whole, just as our individual love – or fear – creates the world in which we live. Love is always the answer, Amy.

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    1. Oh, Susan, what a very soft and beautiful comment! Thank you! Love does cast our fear but … I know from personal experience that fear will fight and that Love must remain unwavering in order for fear to retreat. Much Love to you this day!! ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. I know only too well how Love moves mountains, Mark. I am very touched you read this post. I have been hitting some heavy hitters this week from all those fast balls hurling at me. Instead of ducking I’ve gotten serious and hit them with all my Might with my aluminum bat. Those “hard hitters” you see here. 🙂 ❤

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  3. I think you’re right, Amy. We can’t lose sight of the world, but there’s no danger of it slipping away from out attention span. The little stuff, the beautiful stuff, the love can get lost behind the scenes. We have to stay focused. I love the photo.

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    1. Dan, it is the little stuff that is so important. Agreed! Sharing a laugh with my Mom, both of us having a good belly laugh, for example, makes my entire day and leaves my face with a smile on it. The world’s pull to keep my attention has been strong but my Will is stronger! I will stay in Love, darn it! Curious how the last two photos of mine are a bit different from my “usual”. That is good, IMO. (smile) ❤

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    1. Funny thing you mentioned patience, David, for that is the exact requirement needed to not only ground Love but to maintain Love. I have no doubt Love shall overcome. Thank you for reading my post, a heavy hitter, and for commenting. Bless you! ❤


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