Light In Life


As we say goodbye to 
we say hello to
Light in Life

Macro Photography Hand Held/ “Light In Life”/ February 2017©AmyRose

You don’t know how I wish I could show you all of what I shot today and what I shot the other day as well.  Time.  I don’t have it to sit and edit and then create a post.  What I am doing with my camera leaves me stunned.  How??? ( I ask.)  Mother is so so good to me to which it seems I am being taught by the Master Artist Herself!  Such deep Gratitude is held tight in my Heart for what I now create surpasses my every Dream.

Comments are closed but know please know I would LOVE to hear your wow’s.  Many comments yet I have to respond to on my first post this day.  Friends, sometimes I wish (again) that I had less to shoulder in my Life.  But, that is not what my reality is so I get here as best and as often as I can.  Sending Much Love to each of you!  Bless you for enjoying my Art.  Feel the “emotion” in this piece.

❤ ❤ ❤