Harmonious Geometry


I was so focused on getting this icicle lined up as I wanted, I never consciously took notice of the background.  I always “soften” my gaze out of “habit” so yes I knew that background was present.  I not only take into consideration what my focal point is but what is included in the entire frame.  My goal is Flow.

I was amazed however, how the background in this image compliments the icicle and overall the entire aspect presents one of harmony when I previewed it.  Lines and angles.  Those lines and angles are a carryover from when I was really good in Geometry.  Now I “see” geometry a lot when I shoot.

I have so many images from the 16th of February, that I really will do my best to post them probably most with comments closed.  Not only are they good but they probably will be the very last of the winterscapes I will be posting.  Friends, Spring is springing in our hereabouts.

Photography/ “Harmonious Geometry” February 2017©AmyRose

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