True Friend


A sign of a true friend is
not only do they stay
in times of bad
but they are there
to catch you when 
you fall

Photography/ “True Friend”/ February 2017©AmyRose

Is not this picture unbelievable? It is not easy to convey distance correctly in photographs so the true immensity of these trees is, in my opinion, not true to size.  Take my word for it these trees are huge.  We had a mighty wind storm a few weeks back.  In a certain “ally” in Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park (where this picture is taken) the winds tore through like a tornado, snapping some huge trees like toothpicks.

Just standing and looking at this scene is surreal.  Even the park rangers who hubby and I spoke to while staring up at these trees, told us they have never seen anything like this.  They have to make arrangements to get huge equipment safely back into this area to remove these trees and the branch from one tree that is caught in the upper portion of its neighboring tree.

Standing there made me feel just how tiny we truly are in comparison to Mother Nature.  And it made me think of  “true friends”.

Friends, I am closing comments today.  This past week has been intense and not only that, our weather and the light from the sun are telling me it is almost time for me to get out to open my gardens.  I have bulbs coming up and some of my Rose bushes have begun to green.  What?  This is NOT supposed to happen being it is only February.

So, that means I must get my house in order and to make sure all my cats are stable.  It has been very challenging of late with my cats and there is still much hands on involved to keep all of them stable, but I am doing it.  I have to get this house as clean as possible, get a routine figured out as best I can for my cats, and then turn my attention to my gardens.  For those of you who don’t know, I have extensive flower gardens to care for and maintain.

So, may all of you have a Great Sunday.  Life it seems is just not allowing me the time to blog as I once did.  I carry many responsibilities to which I say, blogging is not my main priority, as well it should not be.  Surprise!  I have a real Life to live!  (smile)

❤ ❤ ❤