The Ways Of Love


The ways of Love are many
complex yet simple
with each interpretation
defining another
upon which is built
a glowing matrix
a Tapestry of Treasure
of unimaginable delight

Photography/ “The Ways Of Love”/ February 2017©AmyRose

Photograph taken at Chestnut Ridge Park, NY

Hubby and I have come to a silent agreement about something.  I’ve attempted the verbal approach asking hubby to do something my way to which he actually agrees with me.  I said to myself, “Finally that man gets it!” but as soon as I think he is going along with what I asked, I see him doing something his way again.  So, I’ve stopped asking.  Yet whenever I see that something not my way, I change it back to my way.

Let me explain.  We have a hall that I would classify as “dead space” meaning there are no windows so the only source of ventilation is the door leading to the garage and the heating/air conditioning vent in our half lav.  When the temps are cold that side door is not often open.  So the only way the air is exchanged in this small hall is through the vent in the half lav.  Four kitty litter pans are in this small hall, so in my opinion, ventilation is a must back there.

Hubby likes this vent closed because as he states it gets too hot/cold in there (which it does) when the door is closed as he sits on the throne.  So he closes the vent.  I come along and in using the throne notice the vent is closed so I open it just a wee bit hoping this time around hubby won’t notice and darn it just leave it be!

He does notice that I opened it a wee bit.  And without saying anything he again closes this vent.  It doesn’t get opened a wee bit until I come along when I notice it is closed.  Oh the ways of Love … It’s not easy living with someone as long as I have who is vastly different then I am.  So I quietly insist on my way and hubby quietly insists on his way.  So it is.  One would think since I am the one who cleans this house he would say, “Honey, I know how hard you work to keep this house clean.  We’ll do it your way and leave this vent open a wee bit.”  This woman is not holding her breath for that to happen!  LOL

❤ ❤ ❤

49 thoughts on “The Ways Of Love

  1. Sometimes, we’ve got to agree to disagree… and hope they’ll come around! Which, in your case, he did…in the end! What a lovely surprise! The little things, eh? That’s love for you. Hehe.

    Beautiful words, my friend. As always. Stunning image! ❤

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      1. Oh… I thought he came around in the end?! Doh! Sorry… Just wishful thinking, hey? You’ll be opening and closing it all day! A funny image though, I must say! Hehehe. Sounds like someone I know! :-p

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  2. This painted such a Happy scene of marital harmony.. So often we choose to agree to disagree.. 🙂 within our household. 🙂
    Love the Image for today Amy.. And I checked you were no where in my spam box.. xxx LOVE and HUGS dear one, and Happy VENTing Days xxx 🙂 ❤

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    1. Very “strange” you wrote VENTing and I just caught the correlation between today’s post and tomorrow’s post. The word “vent” is used in a different way in my coming post. Interesting. No, I find it fascinating that you wrote what you did. Huh. SO glad I was not in least one spam prison. Ha Ha. And as for marriage …. yiveh …. it can be challenging. YET we all have a choice in either getting upset or not, and trying to work out the best possible solution. Yep, know that one for sure! Happy Day, dear friend. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. LOL@Marissa! I think I’m handling it pretty well. Discussion did not get too far. So I went into direct action. So far hubby hasn’t noticed that vent has been open for a good week. I’m winning. Tee hee ….. I LOVE it!!! Men! You’ve got that right! Someone here mentioned buying a small fan. Hmmmm …. great idea! But then what happens with the A/C is on and it gets cold in there? LOL Too funny!!! 🙂 ❤


    1. It certainly is a different perspective, Mar. Being married this long I know when to keep my mouth quiet and just go on with what I want to do without raising a fuss. Tee hee …. Compromise. I’d rather it be that then conflict any day. 🙂 ❤

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  3. Marriage is such give and take! Thanks for posting it so eloquently! Love the picture too! My sister lives in NY, NY. She sent me a video today of the snow storm? Or just snow. Lots of it! Much different than our 71 degrees today in Vegas! I do love the snow too ⛄️​.

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