Clarifying Confusion


Clarifying confusion
where confusion
 does lie 
therein is the confusion
until clarifying
confusion concurs.


Yesterday’s post caused some confusion, something I did not foresee happening nor did I intend.  The point of yesterday’s post, titled, “Confusion“, is

                                                     when you do not follow your Inner Guidance
                                                                  confusion is a consequence.

Then what did I do?  I confused all of you by posting an update about Rocky.  In so doing, it appeared to you that I myself was confused.  Which is not the Truth.

Please allow me to clarify matters.  I am not confused about Rocky.  I just now know that the Thyroid medication is not appropriate for him and so thusly have ruled it out as a possibility that this would positively help him.  These sort of things happen all the time with these cats I Love and care for.  And it is especially true about Rocky because all tests have come back negative (meaning there is supposedly nothing wrong) yet he presents with very obvious symptoms, symptoms to which hubby and I have to figure out how to best treat.  Whew!

Trying to figure out from day to day a treatment plan that will best suit Rocky is a challenge, not confusion.  I have officially crossed Thyroid medication off the “what if list” for him.  In other words IF I had not followed through with the possibility that Thyroid medication would help him, then after he passed, I would have the nasty “what if” to deal with.  In this case I do not.  This alone is a Great Gift for with some of my other babies who are now passed, I had to deal with that nasty “what if”.

And please don’t misinterpret my words about Rocky passing.  Again with this, I do not know IF this is his last phase of Life or if this is a rough patch he is going through.  Either way when he does leave, and face it we all do, I will not have that nagging “what if” hanging unresolved.

Are we clear now?  I really apologize for the confusion my post “Confusion” created.  The timing on my part “seems” to have been off which puzzles me.  Surely there is a reason why I was guided to post an update regarding Rocky when I did.  For one thing you guys made me laugh!!! That laugh was the very medicine I needed!  I am also so very grateful for the amazing outpouring of support I received and for this I am deeply deeply touched.  Bless you!!

Now the photo I had on the “Confusion” post that is applicable because I really don’t know what my next step is.  That is where the challenge lies with hope that my observation skills and knowledge along with my Inner Guidance will lead me to give Rocky the best of care possible.  As I stated in yesterday’s post I don’t recommend to anyone doing what I am.  Taking care of special needs felines, combining natural means of healing with traditional medicine is seriously the most difficult aspect of my life!

Just last evening hubby gave Rocky Acupressure, a Gift he has, referring to a book in our library as to which acupressure points to do for anxiety and tummy aches.  Along with the Acupressure I gave Rocky a few cc’s of Chamomile tea.  Instead of vomiting as I thought he was about to do, he settled down and had a good night.  So as you can see we are not quitting and turning to other means to assist our precious baby.

Photography/ “Clarifying Confusion”/ January 2017©AmyRose

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