Certifiable Or Not? (3 IMAGES)

Yesterday I wrote a post, “All Is Complete” and wouldn’t you know it I had to open my mouth and insert foot by saying I took some selfies to keep me lighthearted about going out into a snowstorm.  Well, my good friend Dan said in a comment, and I quote, “Yesterday, you were picking on me for posting multiple photos. Now it’s my turn. Why only this one beautiful image, Amy? Where are those selfies?”  So as the good friend that I am, I accepted the “challenge” to bring to you my selfies behind the scenes.

The last time I went out in the cold the temperature was 38°F and I was not dressed warm enough, hence I became chilled.  This time I was determined to stay warm because temps were only 20°F.  That interprets as layers.  I started with my feet and worked my way up.  Three pairs of socks went on, then my snow pants over jeans and leg warmers, then on to my boots which I had to literally jam my feet into, huffing and puffing as I did.  These boots are made to keep snow and wet out and not easy to get feet into, much less feet with 3 pairs of socks on them.  By the time I was finished with my feet, I was having second thoughts.

I sat back in the chair catching my breath …

No!  Gonna do this, darn it!  Determined to continue, I put my sweatshirt on, layer number 3 on my upper body, then proceeded to put my headband on which goes on underneath my winter hat.  By that time I said “Self, time for a picture to make me laugh!”  When I actually saw my hair standing straight up I laughed until I had tears.  The face I made had me roaring.

Yeah, check this hair out!!! Aint that the style!!  Ya gotta love it!


When I finally caught my breath from laughing so darn hard, I put on my snow coat, zipped up, put my winter hat on over headband, and pulled coat hood up.  Now.  OK.  Just how am I supposed to move stuffed as I am in all these clothes?  That smile with selfie number 2 was for camera only as I was really attempting to keep humor up.  What a PIA all these clothes are, let me tell you!  It takes forever just to get dressed.  And see that vest?  That is where my camera hangs and just getting that baby on took me forever as I could barely move.

And how again do I move in all this?


Move just move …. Perhaps when you get the momentum it will get easier ….

Grabbing three pairs of gloves, not really knowing which ones to use, camera and fanny pack with my 2 bottles of water in it, I left our house driving to the park in my car.  Shortly thereafter I arrived at my destination.  It really was coming down, as in snow.  I sat in my car making a mental check list of what to do first when I stepped out of my car, staring the whole time at how hard it was snowing.  Believe me, it took a while to figure things out and even then I got it wrong.

No No No … you can’t put the camera strap around your neck with the umbrella on your head!  Let’s start again …

After the stumble and bumble I was ready to go except I couldn’t figure out which gloves to wear.  Process of elimination pointed to two pair that would work after another stumble and bumble.  By this time, I was really examining my head thinking to myself I was truly off my rocker doing this.  Finally I was set to go.  But, before the first shot I had to decide where to put my lens cap and my camera bonnet.  The velcro I applied to my bonnet failed because as soon as the cold air hit the velcro that was supposed to be used to hang from my vest, that velcro fell off.  Yep, sure did.  And that is when the um cussing began.

Here I am out in a snow storm, with an umbrella on my head that kept slipping off, trying to take shots in a snow storm and keeping my camera dry and trying to figure out how NOT to loose my lens cap or camera bonnet in the snow.  C-e-r-t-i-f-i-a-b-l-e.  If you don’t know what that means it means NUTS.

My face says it all.  Add some favorite four letter words and you get the picture right.


Cell phone rings.  It’s hubby.  Remember he was napping?  He asks me where I am.  I did tell him earlier my plans yet he still must be foggy.  I told him.  He responds, “Don’t you know there is a snow advisory?”  I said, “I certainly do, I’m standing out in it.”  …. Well, ya gotta live while you can ….

I snapped as fast as I could and I hightailed it back home in a hurry.  I really did get some good shots so the effort was really worth it.  I’ll have second, maybe even third thoughts about going out in a snowstorm again.  What a hassle!  And getting dressed for this weather is a two-man operation.  Hubby would have had to be napping when I got dressed.  I really could have used him.

On a more serious note, it really is a good thing I listen to my “Heart’s Guidance”.  If I had chosen to go to Chestnut Ridge Park, a park a frequent often, I would have been caught in a blizzard which stopped traffic for up to 10 hours.  It was a huge mess.  Snow fell up to 3 inches per hour.  Some people never made it home that day.  Thank goodness I did!

Photography/ “Certifiable Or Not”/ January 2017©AmyRose

❤ ❤ ❤

80 thoughts on “Certifiable Or Not? (3 IMAGES)

  1. Great photos Amy and even better, that you followed your intuition about where to go and also to get home fast again. I hope, that you found the warm at home again. Snow storms can be pretty tough to go through, I do remember 🙂
    Love ❤

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    1. I always follow my Heart, Irene. When I heard how bad it was down the road about 10 miles from here, I was shocked. This is the very road I travel going to Chestnut Park. I’m nice and warm and plan on staying that way!!! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Van, I take that as a compliment, thank you! Who wishes to be normal or any such resemblance of that word? Um, not me! My fav is the hair one too! I really was not expecting to see my hair like that. I seriously laughed until tears shone. Have a great Sunday! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Yes, Kathy, I was fine. My “hunch” told me even though it was snowing quite a bit, I’d be fine. It gets tricky here because the bands of lake effect snows are usually small and you never know where they will be. Just South of us about 10 miles from here IF that, they got dumped on and the traffic jam up was horrible, some people not getting home at all that day. IF my Heart had directed me to Chestnut Ridge, I would have been caught in that stopped traffic. Good thing I do listen to Me. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Thanks for sharing these, Amy. It’s nice to know how much effort you go through to get those photos. As I was following your description of your dressing process, I couldn’t help but think of bundling up a child, only to hear “I have to go to the bathroom” – I’m assuming you took care of that first.

    I am always amazed at the micro-climate nature of your area of our country. 8′ snow over here, 3″ over there and clear skies down the road a bit.

    Safe hiking, stay warm and dry and keep that gear safe 🙂

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    1. Ha Ha. What I did not mention, Dan, is that as soon as I got my snow pants on, yup, the bladder spoke. Just like a kid’s would. The excitement of what I was about to do caught up with me. And it is a micro environment for not 10 miles from here snow accumulations were up to 3 feet. Here we have about 6″ right now. When I heard what had happened down the road a bit, the very same one I drive to go to Chestnut, I was shocked. There was a very good reason why I only went as far as behind my backyard. I always listen to my Heart’s Guidance and that day was no exception. I’m staying warm. And I plan on continuing to do so. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Your comment, Honey, hit me so hard for it was soooooo unexpected. How can I thank you for what your words did for me today, a very challenging day? Bless you from the bottom of my Heart for saying I am beautiful. I have tears in my eyes with utmost gratitude. It takes a very secure woman to say what you did. Bless you!! I will never forget your words to me this day!! I don’t hear those words too often. Again Bless you!! ! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. You are really beautiful… i see the reflection of my mother in you… and i have said this to anyone for an obvious reason i.e my mother is my world.. don’t thank me… i am glad just this little thng made your day… 💙🙂

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  3. Quite a short story…..and the adorable pictures to go with it.

    Thanks for the effort you expend to entertain us!

    We have about four inches on the ground here and it is still snowing – very unusual for us!

    Love, Mom

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  4. Hell, yeah. Weather is the special sauce of nature, without it your adventures get kinda bland out there. I made a wool scarf eight feet long that I do a fabulous silk worm impression in every winter, especially tonight–Brrrrr!

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    1. You are welcome, Carol! Oh yes I am very very human. I may post a lot of wisdom sayings yet I too travel the human road. Don’t we all need to be “real” with each other? This idea of perfection and youth orientation by so many I’m flinging right out the door along with 2016. Yep, true! (smile) ❤

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  5. So glad you decided not to go to Chestnut Ridge, Amy. Your area got hit hard enough, but at least you were able to get back home. Here at my house, we only had about half an inch of snow – gotta love the Northtowns!

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    1. Oh wow, CM, I hope you at least cracked a smile with my silliness. I always follow my Heart which never leads me wrong. I’ve come to depend on it. I had NO motivation to go out Chestnut way that day. I was actually dragging my feet to go to Como because it’s not as “exciting” as Chestnut nor Reinstein. Yet I managed to get some pretty unique images and I wrote a story that hopefully had you laughing. Smile! Life is too darn short. (((HUGS))) ❤

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  6. Hahahaha…. you are hilarious, Amy!!! Thank you for sharing your photos and the wonderful stories behind it. Oh, and thank God you followed your instinct and went home. Thanks again for giving us a laugh together with you 😄

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  7. Thank you Amy, your description of encasing yourself in snow armour had me in tears, I could ‘hear’ every word. I had to stop reading because i couldn’t see the words 😀
    It’s a wonder hubby didn’t call out the snow patrol to find you 😀
    Great pics as always my friend, and soooooo appreciated because of what it took to get em! 😀
    Thank you for sharing a ‘journey’ I won’t forget in a hurry…lol

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    1. LOL Your response, Mark, had me roaring! YES! I LOVE it when I make others laugh! Thank goodness for my sense of humor let me tell you because that day was not a very funny day. I was planning on answering most comments tomorrow but I just had to write you to tell you that you got me to laugh when I really needed to. Just picturing you laughing through tears has me laughing SO hard. Hubby knows I can take care of myself. I honestly couldn’t believe that phone conversation with him though, firstly because I told him what I had planned and secondly duh, I’m out in the snow well aware of the snow advisory. Tee hee …. Really? Anyways …. My Guidance has been whispering to me about how our society is so focused on perfection and youth and to begin to show me in a way that is less then perfect and certainly candid. What can I say? Only me!!! 🙂 GRIN!!! 🙂 ❤

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      1. Just stand in that beautiful heart and just be you Amy, that unique you is what I love…in snow armour or head umbrella, you are standing in your truth, the only authenticity and integrity there is…self love 😀

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    1. SO happy I gave you a lift on me, Marissa. My “Guidance” has been talking to me about certain things so I believe you will be seeing more “different” here on Petals. Hope you are having a great day!! ❤


  8. Dear Amy.
    I had a fun time here today.
    Your photos are fab
    Your poetry is insightful,
    And how you
    Dress for winter is delightful.
    (Your hair looks totally cute!)
    Resa 😀 ⭐ :D:

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  9. Oh, Amy. I really enjoyed reading the behind-the-scenes effort to get ready and to get there to take yesterday’s shot and a few other shots too. It sounds like you spend more time getting ready and taking the selfies than actually wading through the snowstorm :”D On the subject of selfies, these are brilliant and hilarious. I actually thought all that hair was very stylish – you have a lot of hair and that is a amazing.

    Very glad to hear that you, car and the gear made it home safely and hope you warmed up after scraping the ice of the front of the car. Much hugs to you and do stay safe if you venture out into snow again ❤

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    1. Mabel, my hair grows so fast and so thick that my hairdresser must thin it every time I get my hair done (every 4-5 weeks). I am Blessed to be able to eat good which is a direct reflection on what my hair looks like. SO happy you laughed at me. Good! That was the whole point. If there is one thing about me I’m real. And no, compared to the actual time I’m outside dressing is not the longer one of the two. Dressing is a PIA in the winter oh believe you me! I welcome the warm months with open arms when I can and come and go as I please without the added layers. I’m planning on going out again today, originally wanting to go to my fav park but the weather is calling for snow warnings out that way so off to my second fav park I go that is closer to home. It’s cold here, very so I have to take care especially with my face. This weather is brutal on the skin! 🙂 ❤


      1. Haha. The more hair you have, the more you can work with and style. Hope you get to go out again soon, but safety first and don’t get stuck anywhere. Rug up and stay dry. It is summer here in Australia and I know you would like it here 🙂 ❤

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  10. Love it!!! You know passion is present whenever you allow nothing to hold you back! Love your energy and determination AmyRose…Go for it! Stopping not only slows us down but it gives us time to question ourselves and find ways to escape….At least you looked really warm 🙂 3 degrees here this a.m. I’m ready for a warm up. Happy weekend…VK ❤

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    1. It’s brutally cold here today and so the plan for a walk I canceled. Wind plus cold plus snow …. nope, not gonna happen. If I don’t keep determination high nothing will I accomplish. Today I don’t like being stopped by weather but wisdom has me staying put to be kind to me and my face. SO glad you enjoyed my “realness”. (smile!) ❤

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  11. P.S. Your tale of readiness reminds me of the old days and getting zipped into snowsuits when little! The thing that always took the longest was getting the mittens on and attaching them with elastic straps that buckeled to the mitten and to the snowsuit sleeve…No loosing those mittens ya know! VK 🙂

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  12. I was about to ask for the selfies after reading the previous post, and here they are ❤ Loved your 'backstory' of a truly passionate photographer 🙂 Hugs and much love, Tiny

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    1. Passionate. I like that! I really do! Well Dan beat to the punch about asking for those selfies so voila here they are! Oh some of the stories I “should” start telling instead of just showing the outcome of the shoot. Hmmmmm …. I do believe a change of direction may be coming to Petals. LOL Much Love to you, Helen! ❤

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  13. I really am excited that your premonition told you not to go to that park which would have got you caught in a big storm! Keep on following your intuition, dear Amy! ❤ xo


  14. Oh Amy.. I am so so pleased I checked back and caught this amazing funny post.. Love your sense of humour and your selfies Brilliant..
    Keep doing what you are doing sweet dear friend..
    Because .. I Love YA.. xxx ❤


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