All Is Complete


Even in the dark times
when we are in shadow
that phase is complete
for if not
how therefore
could it prepare for 
the next phase
that which is Light?

Photography/ “All Is Complete”/ January 2017©AmyRose

Yesterday it snowed here.  And so I prepared to go out to take pictures while it was snowing, something I will think twice to do again.  Between getting all the clothes and layers on needed to stay warm and figuring out how to keep my camera as dry as possible, I was fussing more then I was funning.  What a hassle!!  How spoiled I had become during the warmer months with only the clothes on my back to be concerned about.  Let me tell you, this snow landscape business is tough bahoonies!

Trying to keep myself lighthearted I took pictures (selfies) while I was getting dressed laughing at myself the way my hair was standing straight up after I put my headband on and then when I was out in the snow with the umbrella hat on, I peered over my glasses to take a selfie and my facial expression said it all.  OK!  This really is for those whose nuts and bolts are not quite tight.  And I guess I’m one of them!!  LOL

This image was taken in Como Lake Park that sets behind us.  I didn’t get far and I didn’t stay out long.  I was in no “mood” to contend with a snow storm.  So I clicked as fast as I could and headed home after I had to scrape the ice off of my windshield and brushing the rest of my car off of the snow that had accumulated.  Winter!  Oh what I wouldn’t do for you!  Please enjoy this image today and know it was taken with great sacrifice involved.  LOL

❤ ❤ ❤

53 thoughts on “All Is Complete

  1. Beautiful photo Amy and I do remember, how it was to live in a cold country in the winter. Here I feel cold sometimes, but nothing compared to real cold, as you were out in to photograph.
    I enjoy too the times, where I don’t need to bother with lots of extra clothe. Then I’m out in few minutes, now I need to dress more and use much more time, which Odin is not so happy for.

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    1. Irene, this dressing for the cold weather is a hassle believe me. I am so appreciative of the warm months here when I can walk around in shorts and tank top. So easy. At least I do have the appropriate clothing to wear to keep me warm when it is cold outside, so for this I am very grateful for. ❤

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    1. *sigh* Tell me. I make sure I have all my winter clothing in certain spots to easily get to. There is nothing more frustrating for me to be hunting for something as well as wanting to get out there to shoot. Organization is key at least it is for me! 🙂 ❤

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  2. I appreciate your sacrifice, Amy. I love rivers and the snow and ice along the shore are a specific sign of a winter that is really just arriving. When you see that, you know more ice and snow are coming.

    Yesterday, you were picking on my for posting multiple photos. Now it’s my turn. Why only this one beautiful image, Amy? Where are those selfies?

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  3. I admire you that you still went outside! I was one of those who stayed inside. But you know what? Actually, I love that kind of weather. I love coming back home from such a trip and the cloudy darker light has something I also like about… once I pushed myself to go outside… lol!

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    1. Tomorrow I am posting pictures from behind the scenes and my story. It’s meant to make the reader laugh. I was just too stressed and tired to be out and about in that kind of weather. I’m dealing with one of my babies who has become ill again. The laughter really helps as does my camera, believe me!! ❤

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    1. Yep here too. Single digits. I am staying inside today. I must do my barn run and I will make sure my face is covered. I do not look forward in digging out ice from out of the horse’s bucket today. But I’ll do it! ❤

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  4. The heart in your words are as beautiful as the picture Amy. And thank you for tempting the icicles on your nose (and the poor camera), for us to enjoy this…even though I think hell on earth has arrived in my neck of the woods, we’ve had days of around 100 degree’s between Christmas and New Year, it’s finally back to a more comfortable 90. Would you like me to send a degree or two over? 😀 ❤

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    1. I would absolutely LOVE to have a degree or two here, Mark, seeing it is now in the single digits. Extreme. Cold. Sorry to hear about your heat for I know just as well how uncomfortable that hot is. I’ll seen you some icicles to cool things down. 🙂 ❤

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  5. All of that preparation Amy was well worth the effort.. lovely photo.. But I am pleased you chose to dress well.. Much better to have warm fingers and toes than to have them turn to blocks of ice..
    Sending Huge hugs..
    Sue ❤

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