This is a photo I took of our backyard yesterday and played with it.  It is the way I zoomed in and took this image that makes it look 3D.  I only used my phone editor, first clicking on “effects” then choosing “dawn cast” and then playing with the slider and then just a touch of basic editing.  After doing that, I imported into my laptop and played some more in PS and LR.

Cool?  Very!  Just enjoy the “emotion” portrayed by this image today.  Snow is “supposed” to be here today and I’m getting ready to capture some white.  Much Love to all of you today!

Photography/ “Fantasia”/ January 2017©AmyRose

❤ ❤ ❤

84 thoughts on “Fantasia

    1. THANK YOU!!! This is the second time something weird has happened when I attempted to hit a link. I just hit yours I got a search page! I could not get to your blog. What the heck??? Unbelievable! ❤

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      1. So am I, Luv! I have gotten so aggravated I’ve contemplated on quitting. And that’s the truth. What ARE they doing? *sigh* Sorry to hear your troubles. Really! (((HUGS))) ❤

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    1. Wow, Irene! What a comment! I did not know what the Hara Chakra is so I looked it up. What a powerful Chakra and for me to portray an image related to this chakra. Just wow! Bless you for encouraging me that what I “feel” even if I don’t know what it is, I am doing it. It’s finally snowing here now so I am going to be going outside with my camera. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Ahhhhh, Mark, THANK YOU!!! Irene said the colors represent the Hara Chakra, which I didn’t know about so I looked it up. Powerful! No wonder I feel SO drawn to not only how I shot this but how I played. And good for you for still playing! YAY! ❤

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  1. Amy loved this.. And it does look 3D.. love how that tree stands proud.. And the colours to the left.
    Oh and I love your Dec 25th photo below.. You seem to grow younger in each photo.. 🙂 What is your secret LOL.. 🙂 xxx
    Enjoy your Weekend coming Amy.. Say a pray for me for my daughter in law Amy. .. She has just come out of surgery.. a cyst on her lung was removed.. She is very poorly and I have our granddaughter staying.. Every thought will count.. Thank you.. Love to you my friend xx Sue ❤

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    1. Dearest Sue, take the “energy” of this image and keep it close to your Heart. My prayers are for your DIL Amy as of now and I will make sure that Love comes her way. You are so right. Every thought, every one, counts!!! I’m in! Much Love and (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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      1. Bless your heart Amy.. Thank you for Every one of those thoughts… She is still in much pain.. And the op took much longer and was more complex than first thought. So I so thank you for this xx ❤

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    2. OH my secret to youth? A little weight gain, recovering from 3 very very hard years, getting my proper rest, keeping stress to a minimum, eating whole organic foods, no alcohol and a ton of clean water, no sugar or white flour, and having JOY uppermost in my Heart. That’s my Secret! And THANK YOU for the compliment! You really made my day!!! Much Love to you, Sue! ❤

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      1. yes Amy.. Ditto with that fitness regime.. Lots of veg and fruit and smoothies here too NO Sugar only in my occasional sessions of baking.. 🙂
        And so pleased to have made you smile.. Its the truth.. xxx Love and Hugs and Enjoy your Sunday xx

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    1. I just zoomed in with my cell, Dan, not wanting our pole barn to be a part of the pic. I really got “lucky” both on the capture and the editing. Unless that is, my skill level is getting better. You think? 😉 ❤

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  2. Amazing what phone apps can do today, and combined with editing on a computer. This one looks so warm and dreamy…like hope is in the air. Very well done as usual, Amy. Play, and who knows where it will take you 😊 Hope you are having a good start to the year and best wishes 😊

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    1. This actually wasn’t a phone app., Mabel, but just my cellphone editor, that’s all. THANK YOU for this comment, for it meant a whole lot to me. SO happy you enjoyed! Happy New Year, dear friend! ❤

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