Every Now And Again


Every now and again
there comes a time for
a time for pause,
as we contemplate
upon the near past
in order to gain
a clear vision
of how we wish
to continue the Journey …

Photography/ “Every Now And Again” December 2016©AmyRose

Yes I’ve been missing in action a little bit.  In deep thought.  Knowing there is more.  Yet not knowing how.  Where to go next?  How to get to where I feel I must yet still don’t know how to get there or where to go?  Feelings of confusion and vexation arise, yet, yet … a deep stillness within knowing just knowing I will be led further down the Path I have put my feet on a while back.  Faith.  That’s what it’s all about.  As I find myself somewhere in between then and now and tomorrow.  A bit lost.  Loosing breath then gaining breath back.  And knowing yes knowing I shall be found.  By Me.

Image taken at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park, NY.

❤ ❤ ❤

70 thoughts on “Every Now And Again

    1. You are welcome for the winter scene, Marissa. No we have not had a scary amount of snow this year so far thank goodness. Our baramoter said snow squalls tonight so we’ll see. Hope all is well your way! ❤

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    1. Aw, thank you, MM. Right from the shot my intention was to get a “soft” feel to this image. Soft and Loving and Inviting. I am sending my Love right back at you! (((HUGS))) ❤


    1. I’m not sure where my steps will lead me, Kath, but without some semblance of an idea I have nothing to shoot towards. Now sometimes things just unfold beautifully all by themselves as if my Guardian Angel ready my Heart’s wishes, something I didn’t even know. LOL BIG (((HUGS))) to you, dear friend!!! Happy New Year in advance to you and Craig! ❤

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    1. Mar, I’ve been here before so I recognize it. Hello, old friend. No not comfortable in the least but I know enough not to fight this. Yep, things do have a way of working out. Now don’t they?? 🙂 ❤

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  1. A vision will guide you Amy, the one that feels best as you follow your heart 😀 ❤
    Great shot, a winter wonderland. (Says I that has never seen snow 😀 )
    Enjoy the celebration of 'ringing in' the New Year Amy, may it bless you with much love 😀

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  2. Beautifully said dear Amy.. I hope you had a most enjoyable Christmas.. And Pause for reflection is Good.. I too took time out to start another healing from within..
    Sending you my Love and warm Hugs as we say goodbye to another year as we welcome in the NEW ONE.. Happy New Year dear Amy… May it herald in Peace and Love..
    Hugs Sue ❤


  3. Beautiful post, Amy 🙂

    I had two turbulent years back to back and reverberations are still felt.

    But, the year ahead looks bright sunny and full of opportunities 🙂

    My friends, here in this great community, helped me overcome many a hurdles and I am ever thankful …

    I really wish, you too have a great year ahead 🙂

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    1. THANK YOU, Denzil. I have so much on here that I don’t even know all of it. I do know what I “hear” or “sense” is here along with my passion for photography. Do enjoy!!! Much Love, ❤


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