Looking Out My Window


When it’s blowing the white stuff outside and I have a desire to have my camera in my hands, I get creative.  As I was gazing out the windows watching the snow really come down, I noticed the reflections in the window and I thought, ” Huh.  Now that would be cool if I could capture that in an image.”

So I did.  No digital art was applied to this photograph.  The orange reflections are from a Salt Lamp I have in our kitchen on one of the counters.  Now when I saw what I captured I was elated and like a kid went from window to window to see what else I could get.  Yes, I managed to get many others but this is the only one I will be showing.   It’s a very busy time of the year for me and with that said comments will be closed.  Just please enjoy the special effects of this photograph without the special effects added.

Photography/ “Looking Out My Window” December 2016©AmyRose

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