Sweet Shutter Sings


Hiking uncleared paths of snow which rose at times mid-calf
heart galloping with plumes of ivory ascending with every breath
toes long gone numb as too the dripping nose
yet eyes ceaselessly searching for the prize of determined go.
And sure enough up ahead the golden crown did beckon
as with eager tread the picture maker draws ever the nearer
while the world as once perceived the dimmer switch now on
with only the golden crown straight ahead in vision.
Stop!, ordered Mind you’re here so pretty please don’t move
as shining eyes hone in on the perfect pose.
As the picture maker paints still without breaking gaze
she brings out from cover her camera she oh so treasures
 knowing her gallant efforts have been given recompense
as with great satisfaction hears sweet melody of her shutter sing.

Photography/ “Sweet Shutter Sings” December 2016©AmyRose

❤ ❤ ❤

71 thoughts on “Sweet Shutter Sings

    1. You are not going to believe this BUT your feeling is the EXACT feeling I had too while gazing at this picture. Wow! How incredible is that, Erika? I was going to write something about HOME but instead the words you see here came out. Huh. How do you like that? I’m blown away! ❤

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      1. This is so amazing, Amy! Wow! It is a message that is sent out and we seem to receive it the same way. It is so wonderful and it is great how you just went with the flow with your words!

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  1. I’ll be trudging through similar amounts of snow (behind a snow blower) in a little while, Amy. I’ll be trying to get the snow gone before it turns to rain. I’ll try to keep your beautiful words in mind.

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    1. It’s supposed to rain here too, Dan, then again begin to snow. 😬 I’m staying inside today except for a stretch of the legs for a walk, minus camera. Or perhaps I will take the camera. I’ll see. I think it is beautiful out. Now talk to me again in March. LOL 😂 Good luck 🍀 with the snow ❄️ plowing. Have FUN! My body may have gotten cold yesterday but my “attitude” kept me warm. Yep, true. 🙂 ❤

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    1. SMILING!!! So you DO understand when that zoom comes into effect when all else fades except for what you are about to capture. NICE! I look forward in seeing what you capture. I may go out again today. I LOVE this! Break a leg!!! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Wow, what a beautiful scene and it touched me. It does look vintage and a “place in time”. Just love it and your shutter really does sing! I was thinking of you trudging through that snow. Have you considered cross country skiing instead of snowshoes? Sending huge hugs your way ❤ We certainly got a ton of snow the last couple of days {{{ HUGS }}}

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    1. I can rent either or at this park, Kathy. I’m thinking snow skis because it is much easier then snow shoes. I just don’t want to take a tumble with my camera strapped on me. I must consider all options. And I LOVE the fact you enjoyed this. I really put a lot of effort into making this image look vintage giving it a HOME look. I’m about to go out again probably with camera to yet another park but I’m waiting for the snow to fall which will soon. I feel like an excited kid with so much to discover!!! LOL 😂 (((HUGS))) ❤


    1. Yes that is how it’s done, Marissa. Even though I fussed and gussied up the story that is a true account of yesterday. And the fact my waterproof bonnet I have for my cam kept falling in snow ❄️ and I had to keep backtracking looking for the darn thing. But that is a story for another day. 🙂 ❤


    1. Thank you, CM. I was actually going for an “aged” look 👀. LOL 😂 I really put time into this first making it B&W then playing with colors. Glad you enjoyed!!! Hope you are staying warm and learning how to laugh in this white of snow ❄️. I just returned from a walk and HOLY MACRO walking is a LOT harder today then yesterday with that snow ❄️ being wet. Whew! I think my target HR was present the entire walk! 🙂 ❤

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