The Wise


My voice reciting my words below:

The wise measure
their words with

practicing daily
the Art of speech
based on Love and Care

Photography/ “The Wise” November 2016©AmyRose

The word judiciousness is a tongue twister!! Say it out loud, I dare you!  Are you wanting a good laugh today?  I laughed so hard as I repeatedly attempted to say “their words with judiciousness”, hearing my tongue tripping over judiciousness.  This is one word I do not say in my every day vocabulary, but, I’ll have you know, I will begin practicing this very word so I don’t trip anymore. LOL

I should have keep some of my attempts, most with me cracking up laughing.  Finally I got it half way decently good and so I kept that recording … the one you just heard.  You can still hear a bit of a hesitation and very careful enunciation, yet I say to you again, YOU try that word, especially in the context I present it in this post!  Have fun!  And laugh!

This photograph is the best representation at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park of the outcome regarding the grant this park obtained to get rid of the reed grass that had been growing, overtaking the natural cattails.  All the “gold” you see in this picture is where huge machines came in to first cut down the nine to ten feet very dense reed grasses (think mini jungle) and then continued to collect them in another machine.  It was quite the process to see.  One of the machines looked like a tank!  I pray their efforts have brought an end to the reed grass saga allowing natural flora and plants to grow back.  We all will know next Spring if this project was a success.

❤ ❤ ❤

49 thoughts on “The Wise

    1. Not again! Oh no! I can hear them on my end. Are you on a cellphone or computer, Dr. Hb? For some reason some people can hear them and others are not able to. Huh. Did you try to say “their words judiciously” and find out what a tongue twister those words are? LOL 😂


    1. I am so very sorry about this. Some people can hear this others cannot. What type of technology are you using? I don’t know of any other way to record then this. Are you by any chance on your cell?


    1. LOL Go ahead you try it, Dan. That “j” followed by the “d” is seriously challenging. Then I threw in “words” … hard “d” followed by an “s”. Hehehehehe I was laughing SO hard as I continued to make mistakes. I’m still saying those words outloud and still tripping. LOL OH this is just so funny! 🙂

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  1. Nice picture! I am glad to hear people are trying to maintain some balance of eco system there. I hope it works too.

    That is a difficult word to articulate within the verse you have here. I have a hard time saying “their words with judiciousness”. I do not have much difficulty with just “judiciousness” by itself.

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    1. LOL 😂 You have no idea how many times I had to practice these words until I got them half way decently right. I’m still tripping over them. Too funny! And yes, this Park is really doing everything they can to maintain Balance for the wildlife that is so abundant there. It does my Heart wonders to know people do care! If we as a collective world are to survive we must focus on Mother and Her needs. There is no other way. ❤

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    1. Now try to say it with “words with judiciousness”. THAT’s even harder. You have no idea how many times I failed cracking up as I failed with my attempts, yet I just kept on trying. LOL If you noticed I said judiciousness with a lot of enunciation and care so I would not trip up. Hehehehehe ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cheers! I don’t drink either! Good for you, Marissa! I mean that! I used to have problems with alcohol many years ago but I cleaned up my act. My dad was an alcoholic so yep it runs in my blood. I LOVE being sober. I couldn’t live any other way. I’m “nutty” enough! LOL 😉


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