Utter Majesty (2 IMAGES)


Last time I was on this path
I came across
a flock of Wild Turkeys
but today
the path is clear
‘cept for Mother’s
artistry …
and as I kept on 
drinking in the glorious
I crossed a bridge
turned a corner
and there my feet
came to rest

as my Heart joined
the utter majesty
of Perfection
set out before me

Photography/ “Utter Majesty” November©AmyRose

My second image I shot differently then I normally do.  The focal point is on the lower right hand side of the photograph to bring your eye to the cattails.  I did it deliberately to celebrate the fact that our cattails are fighting back against the reed grass that has been overtaking everything in this area, upsetting the normal balance.  Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park obtained a grant to eradicate the reed grass to encourage “normal” plants to grow back.  I was overjoyed to see these cattails!!

This post concludes my November 5, 2016 series of photographs.  Beginning with this week, photographs will be shown taken on November 12, 2016.  I hope all of you enjoyed my photographs that were shown throughout this past week.

❤ ❤ ❤

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