Until …


Until the mud slinging
the hate, the rage,
dissipates from WP
I am choosing
to be absent
from Petals.
We as a people
must learn to put
our differences aside
and come together 
for the good.
Nothing will be accomplished
if people continue 
to blame and to play victim.
You want change?
Change you first.

Photography/ “Until …” November 2016©AmyRose

Friends, I am really tired.  The past few weeks I’ve put all I’ve had into getting the message out to choose Love no matter the outcome of the Presidential election.  I’m deeply shaken by the show of bitterness, hate, rage, and childish tantrums displayed in my reader.  I’m taking a break.  If you haven’t heard my message yet, you never will.

❤ ❤ ❤

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