Is It Possible?


We have just gone through
18 months of witnessing

a horror show
leaving all of us exhausted,

disgusted, and stressed.
Now that it has ceased
is it now possible
to return to what counts …
Love, family, friends
regardless of the outcome today?


Info:  Canon 6D, ISO 100, F/4.5, SS 1/200s, FL 105mm

Photography/ “Is It Possible?” November 2016©AmyRose

It is up to each of us to let go of any anger and negative feelings that have been created by this Presidential election.  If we want to experience Peace, we must be Peace.  If we want closeness again instead of division, we must be that closeness.  If we want Love again instead of strife, we must be that Love.  Please, friends, understand what is important in our lives and just accept whatever happens within our government will happen, regardless of how we feel.

May each of you have a quiet and calm day.  Be Blessed and know you are Loved.

❤ ❤ ❤

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