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Friends, it is a really good thing I went this past weekend in my search for Fall Color.  The Autumn peak is officially over.  This image was taken yesterday at Chestnut Ridge County Park, one out of over one hundred images.  I only caught color like this in about only three images from out of the two hour hike I went on.  Trees are still green, with only the tops turning bright colors.  I think what is now going to happen the remaining leaves will only turn yellow, then quickly brown, before dropping.

And yesterday was at times pouring rain.  So I used my new umbrella hat.  Yes it kept me dry but two things I noticed.  The mist from the rain meant I still had to protect my camera from getting wet and I had to be careful when shooting so that the rim of the umbrella itself would not be seen in the picture frame.  It really does its job but I will not be seen wearing it on a windy day.  As it was, there were some gusts of wind that almost took my umbrella from off my head.

And to close with a very funny story about some of the things I do.  There is this locking device for the straps that go under my chin to secure that umbrella tightly.  Well, for the life of me I could not figure out how it worked so throughout that entire hike I had to hold on to the straps because that thingie would not lock.  When I got home I decided to cut those straps (they were in one piece).  And so I did.  Before I threw out the device that did not work, I took a closer look, this time with my glasses on.  I wondered IF I threaded the straps in another way would it lock in place.  So I tried it.  And son of a gun, the thingie that is supposed to lock does!  It was me who used it wrong.  And sure I found out after I  a) hung on to that strap for hours, and b) after I cut that strap.

At least I had the good sense to burn the edges of that strap so that they would not unravel.  LOL  Oh some of the things I do!! I get the biggest kick out of me and laugh!

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Photography/ “Cozy Corner” October 2016©AmyRose

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