Splash Of Splats


Even without Jack Frost
splash of splats have been
exquisitely tossed

Image taken with Canon 6D at:  ISO 100, F/5.6, SS 1/30s, FL 70.0mm
with UV/Haze and Circular Polarized Filters

Photography/ “Splash Of Splats” October 2016©AmyRose

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I think because color is so sporadic this year, it seems to me to be so much brighter. The greens in amongst the contrasting colors are stunning to see.  This “hunt” I am presently on has truly become delicious and so very exciting!

Once again … as usual … I am behind in comments.  I’m just going to accept the fact this is my “new norm” and flow with it.  I’ll do my best to answer your comments from yesterday and visit with you.  I’m going for one of my deep forest hikes today so when we interact, we do.  Come, join me, in the art of flying by the seat of my pants. (giggling)

Much Love,
❤ ❤ ❤

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