Abandoned and alone
she appears to be
yet cradled all around
Mother’s Light is key
to rewrite the tale
of true reality

Photography/ “Cradled” October 2016©AmyRose

Beautiful, yes?  I used a filter when I took this image and in my editing which I did half asleep I didn’t realize the sky was a bit off which as you can see has not been adjusted.  Other then that, I have no complaints.  (smile)  I know … my Inner Perfectionist is showing.

Friends, I have so many gorgeous images to show you that the only way I can do this is by closing comments on some publishings.  Many of you left such beautiful comments yesterday on my post that I have yet to answer, and today among other things, I plan on answering them.  I feel like a broken record when I keep saying, Life has speeded up for me and then some.  I am keeping up here at WP as best as I can.

This week according to the weather experts …. not really holding my breath because they have yet to be right …. the temperatures will be in the 70’s and beginning next week will fall to the 50’s as a high during the day.  Well, because of the abnormally warm weather that persists, my gardens are still growing and there are zero leaves on the ground which I use to protect some of my flowers with from the cold of Winter.

That being said, I must get out there and do what I can in my gardens this week praying I do not get caught with my pants down regarding my roses.  I have a lot more then just roses in my gardens.  I’ve decided not to cut my roses back but to allow them to keep growing.  Crossing all fingers and then some I have made the right decision and we will not get hit with a freak snow storm.  Or that I will not be forced to be out doing the winterizing on my roses in freezing cold.

On top of that I am helping hubby winterize our vehicles for the Winter which includes a wash and wax on both.  We do not take our vehicles in for maintenance or to get washed.  We are DIY’s and believe me, even though it is a lot of work hubby’s truck and my car even though years old still look brand new due to our efforts.  We are of the mind we take care of what we do have.

And I haven’t even touched upon my mad dash to get the heavy cleaning done in this house before the windows and doors are closed.  Take my word for it, I have a very busy week yet I will keep doing my best to publish the incredible Beauty I captured last weekend.  If conditions are right, I again will go out this coming weekend to seek more Autumn colors.

May all of you have a Blessed Day and with this post I send each of you Much Love.
❤ ❤ ❤