Note To My Friends


This photograph was taken at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve.  Autumn colors are definitely beginning to show.  Oh for the JOY!!  Golden Light has arrived!! (smile)

Now on to other matters …

I am having a lot of difficulties with WP lately.  Firstly I don’t seem to be able to get my posts in the reader so I have to delete that particular post, take off one tag (We were allowed a total of fifteen tags inclusive of categories.  Has that rule changed lately?), and then resubmit.  I also am not seeing in my notifications the comments you are leaving.  I thought it strange that so few comments were being written so I investigated directly on the blog posts themselves.

I found comment after comment unanswered by me because they never showed up in my notifications. I only went back 4 posts to answer the comments that were missed, so if any of your comments have not been answered look to WP for the reason.  *sigh*

And then on top of all that, some of your comments have been found in my spam among disgusting hardcore porn.  With cursor going down to check who is who and who to rescue from spam, a video popped open on a certain link to show what I consider filth.  With cheeks ‘a flame I rescued you all as fast as I could.  Sorry but hardcore porn and Petals do not mix and to have some of you in that garbage makes my stomach turn.  WP what in the heck are you doing???

Comments closed.  I am getting caught up on my blog, am organizing photo shoots in an effort to find Fall Colors, and in order to bring posts to you for next week I must choose the images to edit.  Have a wonderful day!

❤ ❤ ❤

Photography/ “Note To My Friends” September 2016©AmyRose