And here all along
I thought
that Roses only 
had thorns
on their stems …
Seems I was wrong

MF Macro Photography/ “Thorns” September 2016©AmyRose

Just enjoy this incredible proof that thorns do exist on the leaves of Roses. When I saw what was magnified on my lens viewfinder, I couldn’t believe me eyes. This image is of newly formed leaves, very tiny, making these thorns almost invisible to the naked eye.

My plans for the day are to get back into my hiking and to figure out what to post for this coming week.  Last week was exceptionally challenging for me all which led me to be so exhausted I barely made it off the couch yesterday.  Resting is good, yes.  Yet too much of a good thing, especially at my age, is not a good thing.

(Life at the moment seems to be very fast paced for me … Has anyone besides me noticed?)

Believe me, as one ages, it takes more effort to stay in shape and even then, the staying in shape doesn’t look like it used to when that one was 30 years younger.  What time and gravity do to a body is rather surprising, to say the least.  Too bad I don’t have the ability to regenerate like this Rose bush to grow new body parts.  How amazing Nature truly is!!

Have a glorious Sunday, dear friends!!!
❤ ❤ ❤