Light Magic (2 IMAGES)

76 thoughts on “Light Magic (2 IMAGES)”

  1. Simply stunning, Amy. Magic right there. Love the warm glow, and love the uplifting feel about these images. There must have been no wind; I see your SS at 1/100. Beautifully done and good choice. There are certainly times when light bring us magic…usually when we least expect it. And when it does, it is usually a nice surprise. Keep walking through the light x

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    1. This is the reason why I love to shoot my macro at this golden time of day, Mabel. The effects are stunning!! Now with my landscape photography I prefer cloud cover. Regardless of sun or cloud, I am walking in the Light and I shall continue to do so!!! Have a great weekend, my friend!! ❤

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      1. Sun or cloud you are in the Light. I love your positive way of thinking. Even when it’s dark, the moon and stars will shine on you – and you will still be in the light. What a wonderful way to think about where we are. You have a good week ahead, Amy ❤

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    1. They do look surreal and this is why I use that back light when the sun is so low in the sky with my macro. These conditions really bring magic to the forefront! So glad you enjoyed my magic, Marissa!!! Have a great weekend!!! ❤

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    1. Isn’t is it wonderful!! I’m dancing again with my camera!! And by the way, I have so many comments to catch up with I could not get to your second comment about the umbrella hat. I read it briefly. I have done some research and I have found an umbrella hat on amazon that I will be getting. I cannot thank you enough. I do apologize for the late response, Mark, but Life has been in full swing here. Now today it is cloudy, and in fact raining at the moment, and I hope I can dash out with my camera to go to a place I have in mind. May your weekend be Blessed!!! ❤

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      1. Aw, thanks, Mark! I just have to accept Life right now is fast paced. I’m deliberately taking “rest” time today, answering here and there in between movies. Rest is as important as good nutrition, exercise and rightful thinking. Very challenging week I had. Yet because of that rest time I feel the “urge” to again hike and you know, bring more magic here. (smile) Hope your weekend is a great one!! ❤

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      1. Here again your response did not show and I had to go directly to the post. What a mess. I will have no idea people are replying to my comments. I had a feeling with you though because you always have something else to say. LOL Much Love to you!! ❤


    1. You are so welcome, Sreejith. I love doing macro shots working with the setting sun for special effects. These images surpassed my expectations. I gasped when I saw what I captured. (smile) Hope you have a really good weekend!!! ❤

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    1. Who said the rabbit would not win? LOL Hopping right along, I’m finally here!!! Tee hee …. And I agree these images are purely made of magic, Dan. When I saw what I captured my mouth (again) flew open. Whoa!!! (smile) I need to be aware that I live next to a barn and there are lots of flies around with that open mouth of mine. LOL ❤

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  2. lovely shots…….

    On 16 September 2016 at 08:26, Petals Unfolding wrote:

    > AmyRose[image: 🌹] posted: ” There are times when Light brings magic ~~~~ > Settings: Image 1 — ISO 100, F/2.8, SS 1/100s Image 2 — ISO 100, F/2.8, > SS 1/200s MF Macro Photography/ “Light Magic” September 2016©AmyRose @ >” >

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    1. When we have the sun and all that Mother gives us, why do we even need special effects? And thank you, by the way, for noticing I did not use special effects. I forgot to mention it. Much Love, David!!! ❤


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