The Light (3 IMAGES)

LR -0180

And when it was all said and done

LR -0174
the Light

LR -0191
of a New Dawn broke though

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Photographs taken with Canon EOS 6D.

MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “The Light” August 2016©AmyRose

In order to manage my very full Life, and still be here on WP to blog, I have devised a system.  On the days I have comments open, those are the days I will be blogging, answering comments and doing my best to visit your blogs.  On the days I post with comments closed, I will not be blogging, just publishing some of my Art for you to enjoy.  Sometimes the comments open posts merge with the comments closed posts because I am still answering comments from the comments open post.  Got that?  (smiling)

This is the only possible way I can continue my Photography Journey, take care of some very special felines as we learn new ways to manage diseases with no medical answers (except for the bandaid method of course), actively participate in a long term relationship, take care of myself so I stay healthy and strong, keep up with this home and gardens, and take time out to rest.  I am so humbled and so honored that so many of you view my work.  I never dreamed Petals would grow to the extent it has.  Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for sharing with me my Passion for photo and word.

And oh, about these images …. blow me away!!!  This new camera of mine is awesome!

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