LR -3491

Standing in a bone dry creek bed to take this image at Chestnut Ridge County Park gave me a very eerie feeling.  Where there should be 2-3 feet of water was completely dry.  We in WNY are in a severe drought, yet, notice …. how GREEN the trees are.  No, I did not dramatize the green in the editing room.  This is the green I saw with my own eyes.  My question is where are these trees managing to find water when all the surrounding creeks are dry, when the ground itself is like a desert?  It truly is a mystery.

This is another post in honor of my Canon 50D.  I learned so much with this camera and in my opinion, she deserves a proper sendoff.  There will be several more posts with comments closed to celebrate a camera that came with me on a Journey I am very very fortunate to be on.  Please enjoy!

MF Photography/ “Mystery”  August 2016©AmyRose