The Birthing of New Life

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This photograph is of a tiny, newly formed Butterfly bush flower cone bud which took me forever and a day to take.  It being so tiny and light this bud would move with any kind of breeze and of course, it was windy that day.  Standing there ready with my camera, I really wasn’t expecting to be able to get this in focus much less capture it, yet I accomplished both.

When we have diligence and patience,
what one “thinks” cannot be done,
often times can be done.

Which leads me to the next subject, one of great importance to me and my family.  Karma is slowly transiting which means I honestly don’t expect him on this side of the veil for much longer then a week more.   I have contacted an in-home Veterinarian who comes highly recommended to help Karma to the Rainbow Bridge when I know to make that call.

I will not be blogging at all from here on out until the Event happens and who knows for how long afterwards.  Karma wants me to stay close for his security and that is exactly what I am doing, going out only when I know all in this house are settled and feeling secure.  Some of my fur babies are not having an easy time about this.  Mom is so needed right now to smooth the troubled waters as best as she can.

My Star Child is reaching a milestone tomorrow on the 16th of July.  He turns 17.  His passing when it happens will bring such a huge hole to this family yet, what I am witnessing of late, his demise is gently slow and so very peaceful.  Knowing that I am giving him the very best of care as well as the rest of our fur babies, makes this passing a valuable learning Lesson.  This time I am insisting that Peace is anchored here and no scenes, no emotional outbreaks take place while he is still here.  I will not fall apart and my husband has finally seen the “Light” so that he is putting Karma’s welfare first ahead of his emotions.  Folks, the man is growing up.

I have documented Karma’s Journey with my camera these past few weeks, and I may be posting some of those pictures.  Looking at them you won’t even think he is ill with CKD, Chronic Kidney Disease.  Most of my cats have this disease so what Karma is teaching me is so so valuable for the future.  Prinny showed me all what not to do which I have applied to Karma, and Karma is teaching me what I am learning for future reference.  God Bless them both!!

It takes great strength not to fall apart, not to let in to the emotional devastation that my Heart holds right now.  I will however, hold on for Karma’s sake.  No tears.  Smiles and gentle caring are what his last days will be about.  I’m struggling myself to act normally, being very quiet and very withdrawn overall.  Most of my days are being spent in the same room as Karma or if I am busy, going to where he is every few moments to check on him.  This process is intense and requires my every energy to walk.

In closing, I send all of you my Love,
❤ ❤ ❤

Photography/ “The Birthing of New Life” 2016©AmyRose

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